The Secret Tool To Track Every Spotify Playlist Curator Who Opens Your Emails


THIS IS ULTRA POWERFUL!!! Because You can adjust your follow up e-mails to curators based on if they opened it and if they listened or not. If they opened and haven’t responded, e-mail them again. You know they are opening your e-mails! That’s what you NEED to know!

I’ll give you a FREE Download of this special tool. The tool even tells you how many times they opened your e-mail, when they opened it and if they clicked your link.

  • Get The Tool Everyone Else In The Business Is Already Using
  • Keep Track Of Curators Who Are Opening Your Emails And Taking You Seriously
  • Track If They Sent Your Email To Someone Else (The Cookie Follows It)
  • Track If People Clicked Your Email Link To Your Song And How Many Times
  • Start Using On Other People What They Have Already Been Using On You
  • BONUS: Use this To Track If Friends, Family, Girlfriends, Boyfriends Or Business Associates Are Actually Opening Your Emails



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