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Master the Mic: Conquer Nerves for Zero Fear in the Recording Booth

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Having issues with nerves when you’re recording? It’s affecting the quality of your tracks. Many artists find this to be a major limitation that holds them back from bigger and better things. 

It’s not just psychological: it’s the way you’re approaching your recording. 

It’s way past time for you to banish that fear FOREVER.

 We provide you step by step things to do in order to beat anxiety every time, using tried and true strategies developed over years of practice. 

Learn ways to feel more comfortable and even organize your schedule for the most relaxed headspace for creating and recording. 

Plus - cut your nerves so you can get the best, most confident takes from your music which will help you shine and sound like a professional artist. 

A Step By Step, Comprehensive Tutorial That Will Help You:

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How To Download Any Beat You Find Online For Free

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This is an insane bargain for a super useful tool you’ll use to the max!

Finding a good beat is hard - but finding the RIGHT beat is harder. Many beatmakers hold their beats hostage, forcing you to buy them before you’re sure about the song. 

Often, you end up buying beats you like just to make sure you have them (or have the exclusive before someone else). You end up shelling out a decent amount of money!

Then, when you re-listen later, you realize the beat is great but you just don’t have any ideas for it. You just liked it in the moment. What a waste!

This happens way more than you think. EVERYONE has a pile of beats - and wasted money - sitting on their computer somewhere. But what if you could change that whole process, and be a lot more economical with your time and money?

Use our tool to download any beat for free! That way, you actually have a chance to figure out what’s good before you commit to it with your hard earned money. 

Now, you still don’t own a lease by using our tool! This is a tool for practice and creating better quality music ONLY. It ALLOWS you the freedom to spend time with your beats and to develop melodies or flows before you decide to buy that trackout.

This tool will save you hundreds of dollars, plus a ton of regret and frustration!

A Step By Step, Comprehensive Tutorial That Will Help You:

+ Free Bonus #2

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Home Studio Guide: Capture the Perfect Vocals on a Budget

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Most artists are held in a pattern: save up money, record at the studio (expensive!) wait, save up more money, go back again.

This is a huge waste for a few reasons. One, you need to be using that money for other things with your career! Two, making music needs to be easy, not hard. Three, you need to spend more time recording and getting comfortable than you’ll ever be able to afford hour by hour in a studio space.

The obvious solution is to make your own home studio.

This bonus will show you everything you need to get started, with products and equipment at EVERY budget. 

Rob worked for years to get this right and has tested every product before advising you on your home studio build out.

Get all the secrets, honest reviews, advice from a true pro - and start saving yourself TONS of money and time. Imagine how good you’ll get with the freedom to record at any time!

A Complete Collection to Help You:

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How to Set Up Your Home Studio To Maximize Recording Quality

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Completely intimidated by your home studio setup?

Look no further!

In this bonus, we teach you everything you need to know about how to set up your home studio correctly.

No matter what you ended up buying, you NEED to know how to set it all up so it doesn’t end up sitting in the closet for the next six months!

Get a decent sounding recording, and we're going to show you how - in any room from a bedroom to a basement.

This will make you feel more confident with any budget level of equipment you bought.

You’ll be able to get a better sound out of any microphone, and understand placement and acoustics, plus more tips and tricks to get the recording quality you want and need.

This FANTASTIC Resource Will Give You :

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