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songwriting shortcuts and secrets

the shortcut system to writing 30 songs a day

VALUE $1,497

DID YOU KNOW? Even professionals who already have hit songs still write about 100 songs for every 1 hit they have? Imagine learning how to filter through those 100 songs to find your hit single faster.

  • You Learn The Evolved Step By Step Process To Making Upwards Of 30 Songs a day with melodies, beats, arrangements and more
  • Develop your music style and sound literally 30 times faster.
  • Zoom passed every other artist in your city as you release songs at a pace they could never keep up with unless they had this.
  • Ever considered releasing a song a week? How about an entire mixtape or album a month? You can do that with this.
  • Turn Garbage Into Gold by learning how to Recycle the best pieces of even your worst songs.
  • Never let another song you ever make be a waste of your time and energy.

rap Voice masterclass

find your perfect artist voice in 1 Day

VALUE $297

  • Find your voice in a single day using my highest selling master class of all time. *I have over 150 of my master classes!
  • Nearly 6 hours of knowledge teaching you everything about developing your superstar vocal instrument.
  • We bring in professional voice actors to explain how to manipulate the vocal cords and mouth to create every vocal tone to find your sound.
  • Find your proper vocal range that works best with your vocal cords so your voice shines on every track like it's supposed to.
  • Boost your entire music style by over 50% instantly by finally finding your perfect tone of voice to match your range.

DID YOU KNOW? ?The most important instrument in a song is actually the artists voice? Your voice is your instrument. Once you learn how to use it and fine tune it, you have a sound that stands out from the crowd and gains you fans super easy. Just think about how Da Baby’s voice grabs you. Voice is everything.

Song Sauce

write Songs 10 Times Faster


  • Learn the process to maximize your songwriting workflow so you can output songs 10x faster
  • This method gives you a steady stream of 4 different types of music to work on no matter what music making mood you are in.
  • Learn a method that took me over 15 years to develop that you can't possibly find anywhere else.

Pro level Lyric ORganizer

Write verses in 5 minutes every time


  • Learn how I've organized LITERALLY over 1 Million bars to perfectly pick from and created verses almost instantly.
  • Learn the system for storing lyrics that took me 15 years to develop.
  • Never lose a verse or wonder "What were those lyrics I had that I liked?"
  • Learn how to compile verses in less than 5 minutes every time you write a song.

how to destroy writer's block

Fearlessly create music anytime, anywhere, forevermore.

VALUE $197

  • Feel UNSTOPPABLE anytime you think about making music.
  • Learn methods, rules and tricks that instantly destroy any existence of writer's block anytime you write
  • Learn how to beat the music artists most dangerous enemy since the beginning of music.
  • Sky Rocket your music career confidence. Less writer's block = more music. More music = taking your career more seriously.

Magic Music Template 3.3

1 click and you sound good instantly


  • An all in 1 Pro Tools template that makes you already sound professional from the second you start recording yourself.
  • Get the same template that Rob Uses every time he creates music.
  • Your Confidence for every song you make is immediately through the ceiling.
  • Your song is already PRE MIXED so you don't have to worry when you start recording.

👇What this Master Series will do for you 👇

  • Netflix Binge Watch 15 Years Of Songwriting Secrets

    If you have ever wanted a shortcut to writing a hit song, you couldn't possibly stumble onto a better place on earth than this page right here. Just turn the videos on and evolve into a super songwriting artist.

  • Craft Hit Songs Like Grammy Winners And Platinum Songwriters

    I have written songs for major artists with Grammy winners and Multi Platinum Award Winning songwriters. I take what I learned with them and teach you that and more.

  • Create Hit Melodies Effortlessly

    You'll learn how to find every beats best instrument pockets to create dozens of patterns and melodies that you simply mold and transform into undeniably catchy hit songs.

  • Identify Hit Melodies From Good And Useless Melodies

    There is a secret to being able to tell GOOD from BAD melodies only pros know. It can be extremely hard to differentiate the two because we are naturally prone to liking everything we create, if you don't know how to identify amazing melodies from bad melodies, you are always going to be making the wrong songs. Or even worse, you can have half of the song right and ruin it by choosing the other wrong melodies.

  • Develop Your Music Flow 30 Times Faster

    If you are creating 30 times the songs, you are growing yourself 30 times faster. That goes for every other important part of your artist development.

  • Develop Your Artist Voice 30 times faster

    The Voice Masterclass that comes with this will help you FIND your voice, but doing this system will improve your voice for melodic delivery, rapping and singing 30 times faster.

  • Hit Level Song Arrangement 30 Times Faster

    Song arrangement is the key to keeping a listener engaged and wanting to continue on the journey through your song. Learning how to choose what instruments, what lyrics, what tone of voice and everything else that goes into each area is a required and priceless skill set.

  • Master Lyric Choices To Make People FEEL Every Word

    Using the word "You" instead of "them" or "I" connects the listener to the song. Word psychology plays a big role in songwriting and most people don't realize that just by changing 1 or 2 words in a line you can change the entire emotion that someone feels. You learn A LOT about lyric writing as I explain everything I am writing for the songs in this.

  • Find Your Overall Music Style 30 Times Faster

    Once your overall music style and sound is developed, you will always make music that stands out from the crowd and allows you to build your own lane in music and do it all your way.

  • Super Human While Sober

    Eliminate the need to use weed, alcohol or drugs to create music. Once you know the entire step by step process there is no need to fight anxiety to create music anymore. But just incase, we give you the Beat Writer's Block Masterclass with this.


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⚠️ normally $2,282 on sale now for $497 ⚠️

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Nothing Like This exists on earth


My name is Rob Level.

If you want to know a little bit about me and how I have become an inspiration to millions of people, Click to see My Screwed Up True Story has over 800,000 Views On YouTube in just 5 weeks. 👉

I’m from South Side Chicago and you already know how it is there. By 5 years old my mom gave me up for adoption as my father died from brain tumors by the time I was 7.

The person who adopted me put me into foster homes by the time I was 8 years old.

I was placed in learning disability and behavior disorder school programs my entire education from 2nd grade on. 

I lived in homeless shelters after high school and… well it didn’t get any better from there.

But I took my curse and used all the anger inside it gave me to prove to everyone (including myself) that I could make this music dream happen even when everyone used to laugh at me for it and make me doubt myself

🙏 My Music Career Accomplishments 🙏

Now I’ve been posted on damn near every major media platform from MTVComplex, TMZ, ABC, MSNBC, World Star, Buzz Feed, Hip Hop DX, etc.

✍️ I’ve written songs for major artists with Grammy Winners
🖊️ Written songs with Platinum Award Winning Songwriters
🎵💽 Released 8 Music Projects (Over 50M Total Streams & Views)
💯 Every Album I Release Charts Top 100
🏷️ Got Offered Numerous Major Label Deals
🏟️ 100’s of Thousands of fans
👕 I have my own clothing line
🎥 A reality show that’s being filmed for
🏫 I’m building schools around the US to help underprivileged kids
🎤 I’m an Undefeated Battle Rapper. I’m the only rapper that has ever beat Hopsin in a battle.

And I did it all myself, so I learned everything the hard way. No family support, no friends, just me chasing the dream. I went through all the pains and the struggles trying to figure out what to do, what would work and most importantly, what didn’t work. So you don’t have to.

Now I’ve taught MILLIONS of artists just like you so you don’t have to go through that struggle. I started Smart Rapper in 2015 to help artists and to date we have gotten over 25 MILLION views and over 340,000+ Subscribers. The website gets nearly a million visits a year too!

I take everything I learned in my struggles as an indie music artist and I organized them into a system with the answers to solve every issue I had to solve as a music artist. That’s what ‘The Rapper Shortcut’ is. 

👇 👇 👇

⚠️ normally $2,282 on sale now for $497 ⚠️

Get This INSANE Deal For Over 75% OFF Regular Price ✅

☝️ ☝️ ☝️

⏲️ When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire... FOREVER ⏲️




These classes can all be taken from the safety of your home anytime you have free time.

Discounts? Coupon Codes? This entire system already has an ENORMOUS coupon code discount. I know how it is being a music artist on the come up. That’s why I made this much stuff so low cost compared to what it’s worth.

To start, all you’re going to need is your phone or computer and some hustle. Later when you want to record songs, that’s when you’ll need some home studio gear. But you’ll have the knowledge for when that day finally comes if you don’t already have the gear.

There is over 28 hours of video in these master classes. You can see why it’s worth so much. 

If you are smart enough to be reading But for any parents reading this, we recommend 13+ unless your child is a super smart 11 or 12 year old. In which case they will probably be fine. 😋

It doesn’t matter what country you are in or what time zone you are in. You can take all of these Masterclasses anytime you want.

We have enough positive testimonials to fill a school library! There is a reason we are the biggest, most subscribed to and followed music education channel and platform in the world. We have over 30,000,000 combined views on our videos and we are growing month over month at an even faster rate.

You get INSTANT access after you pay. You can immediately dive into your Master Classes at your own pace whenever you have free time.

These Master Classes are set up to take you from beginner to superstar level. They will even take someone who thinks they are mid level, break them down, teach them what they most likely missed and build them into a superstar songwriter.

As soon as you sign up, you make an insider Rapper Shortcut account that you can log into anytime to access your Master Classes. It’s super easy!

You DO NOT! To start, all you’re going to need is your phone and some hustle.

You should ESPECIALLY TAKE THIS if you already have music out. Because if you do, this means you are serious about being a music artist.

You are already putting your heart and soul into your art and allowing it to be out there in the world to be judged by others. If you take These Master Classes, your only going to start making even better music.

Except now, you’ll actually know how to make HIT SONGS that will market themselves for you and save you tons of money and hassle.

You can take everything at your own pace. No pressure. After you buy it, it is yours forever.

You need absolutely NONE. Everything is taught in these master classes.

Nope! Login ANYTIME YOU WANT TO and have your fun growing your career. 🙂

We recommend you ask your parents if it is okay to take these classes first. But after they say “It’s Okay.” you won’t need anything else from them. You can do it all on your own.

You will have LIFE TIME access to these master classes if you get them today.

You will have everything you need to succeed with your songwriting and music creation. And if you follow along taking action through the entire system, you will have a seemingly endless supply of songs to release to your fans.


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Our Los Angeles office is located at 1600 Vine Street, Suite 861 in Hollywood, California.


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⚠️ normally $2,282 on sale now for $497 ⚠️

Get This INSANE Deal For Over 75% OFF Regular Price ✅

☝️ ☝️ ☝️

⏲️ When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire... FOREVER ⏲️



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