Song Writing Masterclass: How To Make 24 Songs In A Day (Level 5)




Do you struggle with writer’s block? Are you the type to start writing a new song every time you get stuck on the next lyric, even though you have hundreds of unfinished songs backed up?

If so, this course is for you.

If writing 30 songs a day sounds crazy to you, then this course will make the impossible seem possible! You are capable of this. Your productivity is about to skyrocket with these Songwriting Shortcuts & Secrets. You’re going to write faster than you ever thought you could.

This course will introduce you to a NEW AGE way all rappers are starting to write, along with a full 45-minute songwriting session with big up-and-coming rappers as they, along with Rob Level, make a song to a Bangladesh beat (the producer who made Lil Wayne’s A Milli beat). 

You do NOT need a home studio setup or paid studio time for this course – all you need is your phone! After this course, you’ll have plenty of songs written and ready to record!

This Amazing Course Will Give You The Skills To:


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