Rapper Brain: 10x Your Beat Sales By Understanding How Rappers Think




Go inside the head of a rapper to finally understand HOW people are listening to your beats and WHY you aren’t selling!

Ever wondered what artists are looking for when they are going through beats? What makes someone skip your track? Leave your page?

How about your logo? How your page looks? Your tag? All of these things influence someone to buy your beat or completely lose respect for you.

Making the best impression and engineering your brand to impress is SO IMPORTANT in helping YOU stand out…and sell more beats.

Understanding rappers and recording artists means understanding your CUSTOMER. Knowing what they are looking for gives you the information you need to build a page that gives them exactly what they want. 

This is what major companies do to improve their sales all over the world.

With this course, you’ll be able to do the same exact process.

This INSIGHTFUL Course Will Show You:


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