Music Marketing On A Budget: Blueprints To Grow A Fanbase w/ $50 to $5,000



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Find the perfect marketing strategy based on YOUR budget!

Whether you have $50 in marketing dollars or $5,000, you can and will successfully grow your fanbase with this course.

Marketing is crucial in expanding your reach as an artist and gaining popularity. Before they can become a fan, they have to trust that you put out great music and deserve their support. Before they can trust you, they have to like your image and your brand, Before they like you, they have to know you exist.

The degree to which the world knows you exist depends on how much you put into marketing.

A common misconception is that you NEED thousands of marketing dollars to even get started, but that is not entirely true.

Allow us to show you what you can do for your career with your budget!

A GENIUS Course That Will Allow You To:


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