Capture Fans By The Thousands With My Dream Catcher

Set it Up And Catch 10's Of Thousands Of Fans While You Sleep.

You want to learn how to market your music and grow a fan base, right?

Who Have I Done Marketing For?

Sean Kingston (w/ Chris Brown And Justin Bieber)
Jordyn Jones (I Also Wrote Her First Single w/ A Grammy Winner)
Lil Bibby (w/ Chance The Rapper And Ty Dolla Sign On XXL Cover)
G Herbo
Mario Lopez
Fortune 500 Companies
Charities And The Buckle
Balt Getty (Yes The Getty Family!)
Rating From 1,401 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

The 3 Irresistible Benefits Of These Music Marketing Strategies

Years Of Skill Gained In Just A Few Hours
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You're instantly better and smarter. What definitely takes everyone else 2 to 3 years to get good at doing, you get to learn all the good habits, tools and secrets in just a few hours.

And it's all as easy as Netflix binge watching the videos that this comes with.
Your Confidence Sky Rockets
You not knowing enough about this area actually scares you. That's why you are here. That gap in your knowledge causes doubts in your abilities to chase your dream of a real music career.

All those doubts instantly vanish as soon as you have the knowledge in this. Meaning this master class right here... is an instant self belief, career confidence booster.
Skip The Industry Line
Since you don't have to spend so much time learning the this entire skill set, you're ahead of every other music artist who doesn't have their hands on this.

You're basically cutting the line in the music industry.

Don’t Dare Spend Another Minute Or Dollar Marketing Until You Let My Music Marketing Strategies, Tips, Tricks, Ideas And Tools Transform Your Music Marketing into A FAN GAINING MAGNET!

“Here’s The #1 Proven Method Music Artists Everywhere Are Using To Take Even A Poor, “Misguided Understanding” Of How To Actually Gain A Fan Base And Suddenly Know Everything About It In Just A Few Hours

…Without Expensive Business Coaching, Overpriced Marketing Consultants, Tons Of Books Or Talent…

If you’re a serious Music Artist and want to “shortcut” your way to having an amazing music career that is gaining more and more fans everyday with ease, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Little known, under the radar music marketing shortcuts and secret promotion principles revealed… these exclusive videos, lessons, and tutorials will quickly show you everything.

Rating From 1,401 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course
Good Job! Page Completion Amount 25%

Artists Already Making It Because I've Helped

The Living PROOF That My Knowledge Make Music Careers Happen

And 100's More Like This!

To Know If This Is For You, Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

If You Answered "Yes" To Even 1 Of Those Questions... This Is Perfect For You

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

👇 Plus All These Bonuses For Today 👇

Rating From 1,401 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

Here's Is Exactly What You'll Get

The Dream Catcher: Capture Fans Before They Are Even A Fan

Regular Price $497

Remember Every Day You Go Without This Set Up, You Are Losing Fans. 

Even if you are doing basic music promotion and ONLY 25 people hit your pages a day… You would have captured 4,500 new fans in six months. 

After this is set up, you just forget about it and let it capture new fans for you. So why not set it up NOW and get all these benefits:

The How To Build A Fan Base With Only 15 Minutes A Day

Regular Price $47

Every Music Industry Contact I Have In My Possession

Regular Price $47

I’m even throwing in every single music industry contact I have ever gotten my hands on. In this you get the contact information of the following:

Frequently Asked Questions About This Master Class

Does It Really Work? 🧐

Look at all of the people I have done marketing for. Fortune 500 companies, the Getty family… as in the Getty Museum and Getty Images… HUGE Music Artists and more.

I know my stuff and this is guaranteed to work!

Look at my guarantees below.

Will It Work For Me? 🤨

Labels come to me to teach and help develop their artists PR and self marketing skills for their social media. Pop AND Rap artists.

Over 1,000 artists from ages 12 to 35 have taken this course. You are already smart enough to have gotten to this page. This will work for you, and it’s guaranteed.


Will I Have The Time To Do This? 

This is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can watch like a Netflix show in as little as 15 minutes a day.

😂 Even a single mother of 6 with 2 full time jobs could find time to do this.


What Skill Level Do I Need To Use This🤔

Whether you are just starting out with marketing or you are a seasoned pro, this will teach you things 99.9% of music artists don’t know.

Beginners will learn the best marketing habits early, seasoned marketers will learn new tools and strategies to start using right away.


What Are My Guarantees With This? 💯

You get Rob Level’s 4 Guarantees. 

A list of those amazing guarantees that comes with this is just below this section.

We make SURE that this will help you understand, learn and propel forward, no matter what!


How Long Until I See Results After Taking This? ⏱️

The second you turn these videos on and come to the other side of the fence where the insider secrets are shown to you… you instantly see results.

The way you perceive this entire skill set will evolve instantly as you watch over my shoulder and see what no one else ever gets to see.

Is This Considered Expensive? 🤑

You waste this much money every month! People buy shoes and clothes to increase their confidence to feel better.

Imagine... how much confidence would you feel knowing you’re closer to your dreams? Knowing you have just emerged at a new level of artistry? Remember, you get what you pay for… 


Am I Protected When I Buy From Your Site? 🔒

Once you click the link, there’s an SSL encrypted credit card page it’s totally secure!

You see that big lock next to our website name in your browser? That means we are a verified secure website.

Am I Really Ready For This Move? 😳

You don’t need to wait until you’ve been an artist for years or writing for X amount of time.

You don’t need to wait until your music career is a full-time thing. 
If you are waiting for that “magical someday” where your time frees up, the stars align and somehow all your other worries and responsibilities slip away… That moment doesn’t exist.


Why Should I Get It Now Instead Of Later? 🤨

Every time you are marketing music without the knowledge in this, your music won’t spread nearly as fast or as cost effectively as it COULD HAVE BEEN. You’re basically losing money if you don’t have your hands on this. That is going to sit in the back of your mind every time. 

You know you can be better at marketing or you wouldn’t be here. Why cause all that doubt with your new music because you didn’t just give yourself permission to say “Yes” to this opportunity to better yourself right now?

Will This Actually Help My Music Career? 📈

You KNOW this is a massively important piece of being a professional level artist.

If you truly want to create a music career that impacts the lives of millions of fans and gives you the freedom to live the life you want, then the ONLY permission you need is the permission you give yourself… and the step by step game plan that gets your there.


How Does It Work After I Buy Today? 🤩

You INSTANTLY get Access to the videos, cheat sheets, guides, passwords and tools for you to get started!

What Happens When That Timer Runs Out? 😨

You lose ALL the bonuses forever and the price will increase. Please don’t e-mail me there’s no way to undo it. That’s how it is set up. 

How Much Money Can I Make From These Strategies? 📈

Spotify Pays $4-6 per 1,000 Streams

If you are marketing every day and after a month you gain 1,000 people listening to your music everyday. They are listening to say 5 songs a day on their Spotify. That’s 5,000 streams a day.

Doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize 5k Streams A Day x $6 = $30 A Day

$30 A Day x 30 days in a month is $900 a month.

In 6 months you could be making $5,000 or more monthly. RESULTS VARY. But I can help you get there.


How Much Money Do I Need To Use These Ideas And Strategies? 😳

A huge benefit to this master class is your entire brain rewires itself to think from a marketing perspective. To come up with unique marketing ideas for your new music. To create fun, effective, cost efficient marketing strategies that are perfect for your music.

The prices of the ideas and strategies range from FREE to Hundreds To Thousands. It also depends how far you want to take each idea and use it to grow.

Really, most of this can be done for free with a little creativity.


How Many Fans Can I Expect To Gain Daily, Weekly And Monthly From This? 🤨

Obviously results vary artist to artist. Here are the factors that matter:

1) Is your music actually good?
2) Is your brand’s social media set up to grow when people see it? (I teach you that in this course don’t worry)
3) Are you using my advice to target the right people who will become fans?
4) How much time you spend promoting
5) Your Marketing Budget 
6) How creative you are

No matter what, you are going to start growing, I can guarantee that!

Why Should I Trust Your Marketing Advice? 🤩

One thing I don’t mention on this page is that I was the CEO of a Multi Million Dollar Marketing Agency.

My clients included Fortune 500 companies, The Buckle, The Getty Family (Yes, as in Getty Images and The Getty Museum… Billionaires!)

Those as well as COUNTLESS famous IG Influencers and big name music artists.


Rating From 1,401 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

A Secret Rob Level Has Never Shared

If you are like me, most things are pretty tough to learn. It takes something special to really make any information stick to my brain so I can use it in real life. I was in LD (Learning Disorder) and BD (Behavior Disorder) schools (Special Ed) from 2nd grade until 12th grade. I barely passed every school year.

And I’ve never told anyone this until right now as I’m typing this, but some years I really didn’t deserve to pass the grade. But since I was “Special”, they let me pass.

Honestly, I SHOULD NOT have graduated high school according to the state’s “Standards” and “Requirements” but they let me pass to get rid of me.

I wasn’t stupid… they just just didn’t know how to teach someone like me. They couldn’t keep my attention or make me focus and care enough.

I was tested young and they found out I had a high IQ (139) but that made my brain jump around too fast, go 100 miles per minute and I could never learn anything properly. And if that’s how you are, chances are you probably have a high IQ like me and you didn’t know it.

We learn in a particular way and NORMAL TEACHERS are only trained to teach NORMAL STUDENTS….. WE AREN’T NORMAL! So they aren’t trained to teach people like us.

But I know EXACTLY how I LEARNED this music marketing!… and that’s EXACTLY how I teach you to learn it too!

My curse has become a blessing to help you today because no one else could EVER teach you or understand how your brain learns properly like I do.

Rob Level's 4 Guarantees To You

Unlimited FREE E-mail Support

You get 30 days of professional expert-level E-mail support from the second you get this master class.

This means that you can e-mail us with any questions and we will get back to you within 48 hours to help you understand everything better.

Usually companies charge A LOT for this kind of customer service, but I offer it just to let you know we are here for you.

That Is My 1st Guarantee To You
I Promise Not To Judge You
Some people tend to feel judged when asking certain questions or feel stupid for not understanding certain information.

I've been there 1,000s of times and I've been in your shoes. I understand how it is to feel stressed out because something that seems so easy just might not be processing in my brain.

I will never judge you for anything you have a question about. This is a safe, non judgmental place to learn.

That Is My 2nd Guarantee To You.
This Is Made For People Like Us... Like You
Because I know how hard it is to learn, through every step in creating this course and all my other courses, I made everything easy to digest, absorb, remember and apply to your music career.

While the information and skill sets you'll learn are super advanced and next level, it is taught in a way that I learned how to teach myself.

If I was able to learn it being as messed up mentally as I am, you will learn it even easier.

That is my 3rd Guarantee To You
You Get FREE Live Video Help From Rob Or His Team If...
At the end of 30 days, if for some reason the information in this just didn't stick with you, we will get on a LIVE VIDEO call with you and help it all stick.

This is how I can guarantee to you, no matter what, that this is going to help you advance your music career and skills.

It's extremely rare that any of my courses don't stick with a artist, but JUST IN CASE.... I want you to know that we will actually go above and beyond to assist you in learning.

After all, I know if you get amazing customer service like this and the information sticks, you'll want to get your hands on all my other courses.

That Is My 4th Guarantee To You
Rating From 1,401 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

👇 P.S. A Special Section For Any Doubters 👇

You have no valid reason not to try this. Won’t it be nice to live your life without all of these problems?

     “I don’t have the money” (You waste this much money every month! Borrow it if you have to and let’s get going…)

     “I’m too busy” (Too busy doing what? Keeping your head above water and waiting for success to find you?)

     “It won’t work for me” (That little voice inside your head is the very thing you must defeat to become successful. It’s what’s holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, because I’m taking all of the risk here. You might just surprise yourself.)


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