How To Book Shows: Start Your Tour Now

· February 28, 2020

You’re at the stage where you’re ready to tour – there’s demand, you have fans and know you can sell tickets. This is a big undertaking, and you’re going to need a TON of knowledge to avoid mistakes and pitfalls that can cost you money and your reputation!

Touring is a sign you are in it to win it. A tour sounds fun but, in reality, it’s long, hard, and full of inconveniences like missing friends, a regular schedule, not sleeping on a bus, the list goes on…

It’s also an incredible way to gain fans AND a HUGE amount of credibility at the same time.

The Rapper Shortcut is proud to have an EXCLUSIVE INSIDER’S LOOK at touring from a platinum artist!

The realities, the ins and outs, insurance, food, merch, planning, picking logistics, crew, dancers…Plus tons of extra information that will be super useful as you plan and execute your dream first tour.

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