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The Official Rap Voice Masterclass

Whether you realize it or not, your rap voice is actually your most important tool as a rapper. Without finding your voice range and tone, any song you record won’t sound nearly as good as it would if you had spent time finding your best voice.

People don’t realize that as a music artist that your voice is your instrument. Just like other instruments you need to tune it correctly to make sure that it sounds as best as it can.

Look at any famous rapper out, what is the thing that immediately grabs you before you even
understand their lyrics? It’s their voice. When you find your voice, you will sound better on every
beat you ever get on and you’ll be closer to finding your rap flow and ability to make great sounding choruses.

You can’t really record finished songs without finding your voice. You also won’t like the way anything sounds when you start recording songs if you don’t find your voice.

In The Official Rap Voice Masterclass, we teach you how to find your ultimate rap voice in just one week!

This is a huge step in terms of your development and progression as an artist: locking down your sound. Think about it: as a rapper, your product IS your voice, in a way. You can’t make it as a rapper without a great sound to gain and keep fans.


Rap Flow Router:
Buttery Rap Flow Made Easy

Having a smooth flow is one of the most desired skills for rappers. Everyone wants to sound confident with a perfect delivery – and have people envious of their rap flow.

This is something that takes dedicated practice, but can be helped along with exercises. Flow is not some natural thing that some people have and some people don’t. Smooth flowing rappers have just practiced a lot before you hear them. You need to do the same.

Check out the rappers you’d want to sound like and use them as a guide. How are they delivering for that smooth goodness?

How can you sound more like them? Practice, practice, practice; then start to deviate.

Create your own vibe off of the original inspiration (they will never know). Take pride in the sound you’ve created.

This is a HUGE part of your development and absolutely necessary before moving forward as a rapper.

Smart Rapper has you covered when it comes to your rap flow!

We’ll help train you through exercises and tutorials to arrive at the flow you’ve been jealously wanting for years.

This course has helped rappers all over the world find their best rap flow, but it has been updated and upgraded for the Rapper Shortcut!

So easy, anyone can follow – you will without a doubt improve your confidence, patterns, breathing, and everything else that goes into a perfect rap flow.


The Wordplay Escalator:
Intensify Your Punchlines And Lyrics

What’s the number one EASIEST way to grow as an independent artist?

Simple. Make incredible music.

Raw talent is easy to recognize and doesn’t need bells and whistles. Even if you’re rapping on a crappy mic, with crappy beats, if you’re killing it and talking about things in a unique or catchy way, slaying punchlines and getting people to hit the “Replay” button, you already won. Recognition will follow. This is the level you should aspire to right now.

As we’ve said before, “talent” is just a random stop on the timeline of your life. You have the power AT ANY TIME to become more “TALENTED” – because TALENT is just practice made present. Become talented at wordplay by studying the greats. Practice constantly. Push
yourself. You need to in order to grow into the next big artist that grabs the attention of millions of fans.

Get the complete guide to escalating your wordplay, punchlines, and lyrics to the next level!

This course is specifically designed to elevate the QUALITY of your music – specifically the words, messages, and ideas you choose to use in your songs.

Your style of music and your ability to stand out in the crowd will greatly depend on the songs you release and how they are written. To be the award winning rapper you aspire to be, you’ll need to lock down an amazing method of writing incredible songs. We’ll help you get there.


The 200+ Best Hip-Hop Blogs
Contact List (2020 Bundle Edition)

As an emerging artist, it’s VERY important to have your name out there and your music talked about! You need stories, blogs, and articles written about you and your projects published online.

Not only does this expand the number of people talking about you, it also helps you rank on search engines and establishes your online
footprint as a notable person.

Research, network, and send emails to get yourself noticed by blogs. It’s a super quick way to become notable – and get verified on Instagram!

With 200+ Best Hip-Hop Blogs Contact, you’ll learn how to communicate with major music blogs and pages for maximum exposure!

Unlock not only their contact information, but also templates and strategies for communicating with them and getting them on your side.

This is your first step to getting traction in the music industry. Attract positive attention, fans, and followers through your music post ups, then translate that into getting scouted by a label, booking a tour, or launching a merchandise line.

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