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How To Mix + Master Rap Songs Yourself: A Radio Ready Sound From Home

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Tired of having to wait on flaky mix engineers? Waiting for months before you get a track back?

I was, too. I was TIRED of overpaying people to waste my time and sit on my tracks for however long they wanted, only to get something back I hated! I knew I had to learn how to do all of this myself. So I did. I learned from some of the best in the industry. And now I’m teaching all of that to you.

Seriously. This is one of the most valuable courses ever released on Smart Rapper. I go brick by brick, step by step, level by level with you. You’ll have an insane amount of knowledge by the end, but not just any knowledge – specific levels and advice to give you the specific sound you want.

That’s the thing – all of this is about creating YOUR signature sound. Who is going to care and put that time in to experiment with plugins and trial and error testing till it’s perfect? ONLY YOU. If you’ve reached this step in your career, this is the course for you. There’s no way around it.

No one will teach you this the way I will - because I know EXACTLY what you need - and exactly what you DON’T. This will be a hyper focused guide to get your music finished as soon as possible with the highest quality.

This Extremely Valuable Course Will Show You:

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Get Paid From Home: Mix Dummy To Mix Money

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You’re building an entire new skill set… why not also make money from it?

Knowing how to mix and master songs won’t just help you SAVE money. This skill will help you MAKE money - cash you never had access to before!

Plus - right now with the Covid-19 distancing rules in place, many people are looking to get things done from home. That’s where our guide comes in.

I’ll show you exactly how to get your mix and master side hustle off the ground with step by step guides and instructions to help you add another income stream to your pocket, grow your network and clout, and much more.

This one of a kind course CAN’T be found anywhere else. Start thinking like an entrepreneur in the music space while continuing to build your momentum.

This Unique Course Will Easily Teach You:


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An Entire Studio Session With Rob Level And His Super Engineer

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Ever wanted to know how industry pro’s really mix - and what the “secret sauce” is that makes mainstream hits sound so clean?

For this insane bonus course, I take you behind the scenes with my personal engineer to show you the real, underground process.

My engineer is super respected in the business and has mixed for super star rappers such as: 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, Chief Keef and many more.

Be a fly on the wall and finally see what’s going into the music you listen to - so that you can mirror those techniques and use the same ideas for yourself.

This One of A Kind Bonus Resource Will Give You:


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Rob Level's Mix/Master Advanced Pro Tools Session Template (Plugins Needed)

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This ULTRA powerful tool is about to blow your mind!

I’ve spent years perfecting, re-working, adding, and adjusting this pre-mix template. Now, it’s yours.

Just double click the session file and “BOOM!” 

It will instantly load a perfect pre-mixed session - ready to record flawlessly.

Bring your song into the template or record a whole new song into this template and your song is already PRE-MIXED. 

PLUS, follow along with my step by step videos to know how to adjust the dials on the plugins to get the sound you want. 

This is an extremely helpful leg up in getting the right sound from the beginning - and you won’t find it anywhere else.

No offense, but... this template pre mix probably sounds better than your current finished mixes if you are reading this right now. Time to move on from crappy quality and get yourself the right sound.

This Extraordinary Bonus Tool Will Give You:


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Rob Level's Mix/Master Pro Tools Session Template (No Plugins Needed)

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I know everyone is working with a different budget, and I want everyone to be able to use the courses I create as much as possible. 

I never want to leave anyone out.

That’s why I took my own personal super Pre-Mix Template and I completely rebuilt it using stock Pro Tools plugins - so ANYBODY can use it.

That means that even if you don't have ANY extra plugins and you just installed Pro Tools this morning...your song will be pre-mixed with this template.

I've got you covered. If you don't have the plugins in my own personal template from above, you can just use this template until you do!

All you need are the FREE plugins that come with Pro Tools.

Make people jealous when you get to brag about how you get amazing song mixes with no need for EXPENSIVE plugins.

This Special Edition Bonus Item Gives You:


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Session Secrets: Reverse Engineering A Hit Song's Mix

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Ever listened to a song and thought, damn. Why doesn’t mine sound this good?

While I’ve already shown you the mixing process from scratch, I wanted to give you one more gift - reverse engineering a song. 

I’m going to start with the finished perfect song mix and work my way backwards with you so you can see every step of the process - and why you need to do certain things with your choices in mixing.

Watch in real time which effects are added with plugins and techniques for a super informative education on mixing songs the right way.

This is a unique take on the process and intended to show you EVERY part of an expert mix, step by step.

This Excellent Bonus Course Shows How:


$97.00 Value

How To Learn Pro Tools In 30 Minutes

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If you think about it, most of what holds you back is knowledge, practice, and confidence.

If you get intimidated to learn something, you probably never will - and you’ll never benefit the way you would if you had kept pushing.

That’s why I wanted to include this: a super quick and easy guide to learning and using Pro Tools. 

Like most softwares, there’s a ton in it that you’ll use - and a lot more that you probably don’t need to mess with.

I’ve been using this software for YEARS to make music and I know the in’s and out’s. 

I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I DO want you to be confident using Pro Tools so that you aren’t held back anymore.

You need the freedom to record yourself, add elements, mix, and print the track. Stop relying on others or making excuses!

It’s the perfect time to learn with this excellent bonus.

This Incredible Bonus Resource Will Show You:


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Rob Level's Hand-Written Mixing Notes From How He Taught Himself To Mix

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I’m the kind of person who likes to learn things so I can do them myself. A key to learning is taking notes, keeping records and writing down new knowledge so you remember things better and have outlines to look back over.

When I learned mixing, I took TONS of notes - my mixing notebook is PACKED with information and super useful, helpful tips and ideas for anyone else going on this journey too.

For the first time ever, I’m releasing my mixing notebook as a resource for you to learn new combinations, plugins, and super insightful info that will make your songs sound infinitely better.

This will give you a guide, tons more ideas, and another helping hand, pulling you into a whole new world of mixing for your music.

This Amazing Bonus Resource Will Give You:

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