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πŸ’Έ I SHOW YOU HOW TO GET $25,000 For your CAREER
get the bag πŸ’° invest it, flip it, build your career!

Artists have been asking me how I did this for YEARS and now I finally completed the masterclass. In week 4 of The Rapper Shortcut I give you a 2 hour, fully detailed masterclass for you on how to getΒ $25,000 you can inject right into your music career.

To protect you artists, I also give you a game plan on where to invest that money to build your career with it so you don’t waste it in the wrong places or do something stupid like go buy a car or a ton of clothes.

You can do it yourself but I also provide you with direct contacts to the people I used to do this for myself personally.

They will do the same thing for you that they did for me to allow me to get a MASSIVE loan even when I had no previous credit. You will be able to use the #RichPeopleSecrets to boost your credit score by 150 to 200 points within 3 weeks to be able to get a $25,000 Bank Loan to invest right into your music career.

In week 4 I also show you how to write off everything for your music career on taxes, including The Rapper Shortcut itself.


My name is Rob Level.

I’m from South Side Chicago and you already know how it is there. By 5 years old my mom gave me up for adoption as my father died from brain tumors by the time I was 7. The person who adopted me put me into homes by the time I was 8. I was placed in learning disability and behavior disorder school programs my entire education from 2nd grade on.Β 

I lived in homeless shelters after high school and… well it didn’t get any better from there. But I took my curse and used all the anger inside it gave me to prove to everyone (including myself) that I could make this music dream happen even when everyone used to laugh at me for it.Β 

Now I have been posted on almost every major music and entertainment platform from Complex, TMZ, ABC, MSNBC, World Star, Buzz Feed, Hip Hop DX, you name it.

✍️ I’ve written songs for major artists with Grammy Winners
πŸ–ŠοΈ Written songs with Platinum award winning songwriters
πŸ’½ Released 8 Music Projects
🏷️ Did Major Label Deals
πŸ’― Every Album I Release Charts Top 100
🏟️ 100s of Thousands of hard core fans
🎡 10s of Millions Of Streams On My Music 
πŸ‘• I have my own clothing line
πŸŽ₯ I even have a reality show that’s being filmed for Netflix

And I did it all myself, so I learned everything the hard way. No family support, no friends, just me chasing the dream. I went through all the pains and the struggles trying to figure out what to do, what would work and most importantly, what didn’t work.

Now I’ve taught MILLIONS of artists just like you so you don’t have to go through that struggle. I started Smart Rapper in 2015 to help artists and to date we have gotten over 25 MILLION views and over 330,000 Subscribers. The website gets nearly a million visits a year too!

I take everything I learned in the music industry and give you the shortcut to success in one perfectly put together system called ‘The Rapper Shortcut’.


The Rapper Shortcut program releases 2 to 5 masterclasses to you every single Saturday morning in a ‘Pay As You Go’ program that makes it Ultra Affordable for even the brokest artists.Β Every single Saturday morning you get $1,000 to $5,000 unlocked in value through the masterclasses, personal management and live calls.

In the first week alone you get over $2,000 in value and it’s only $27 to start. Pause or cancel anytime.

To be clear because everyone is getting so excited they are just buying this thing like hot cakes and not even reading any of the page lol this is 27 bucks a week for the first 4 weeks so you can get in and see how incredibly valuable it is. I actually lose money the first 4 weeks from paying office expenses, your manager, server costs and more. When week 5 starts you’ll already see the massive power of it. The price then stays at 47 bucks a week until the program ends.

You canΒ Pause or cancel anytime.

And don’t forget, they are giving everyone $2,000 stimulus checks here soon so everyone can afford to invest into their life and future.

πŸš€ Make 2021 Your Year πŸš€


Just $110,400 $27

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER


😨😨😨 AVAILABLE SLOTS LEFT: Extremely Low 😨😨😨

HE WENT FROM 30,000 to 526,000 FANS!
+ Charted top 10... Twice!


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πŸ‘‡ What Is The Rapper Shortcut? πŸ‘‡

If I told you there was an easy to do, organized, STEP-BY-STEP, WEEK-BY-WEEK pay as you goΒ system that GUARANTEES you make it as a music artist without all the confusion or crippling, β€œWhat the hell do I do next?!” feeling every TRUE artist constantly faces…would you finally feel confident enough to make your music career your #1 priority in your life?

Because that is EXACTLY what The Rapper Shortcut is.

There are OVER 100 Music Industry Master Classes set up in the tested and proven order you need to launch a music career. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been making music for 5 years or if you are just starting out in music, when you do this system you fill in every step it takes to make it to the top.Β And it’s all set up so it only takes 4 hours a week to do.

The Rapper Shortcut starts out by establishing your brand, your image, and your business stuff – so it’s already out of the way and you can focus on being an artist without having the anxiety and worries of having to set up later.

Stuff like copyrighting your music, trademarking your name, setting up your own record label, signing up to BMI/ASCAP, Songtrust and making sure you are getting every single penny you deserve from the very start. This way you have MORE money to invest into your career to grow faster.

Then, we move into setting you up for success and gaining a massive fan base by showing you how to capture every single person who ever listens to your music so song to song you don’t lose any fans and grow as fast as possible.

Next, we help you learn all the fundamentals of lyric and song writing so you can make the best possible music as an artist.

Then, we show you how to build and run your own home studio so you can make unlimited music without having to rely on anyone else.

Plus, learn how to do all your own production so you never have to buy a beat again or worry where your next great beat is coming from. You’ll also make more money by getting all the publishing from your beats, so you can invest more money into your career to blow up even faster.

Then, in over 30 Master Classes, you learn every single aspect of music marketing across every single social media platform and sector of promotion.

We teach you how to edit your own music and lyric videos, do photoshoots, generate content, edit your photos and keep your fans entertained so they stick with you.

The Rapper Shortcut will teach you how to set up your own tour, sell out tickets to every show, make connections in the industry and maintain them, become the most famous person in your local area.

You’ll even learn how to set up your own clothing line, how to price and bundle everything and build your merch store in a way that will sell 10 times more merchandise than any other artist who doesn’t have The Rapper Shortcut.

We truly care about YOU and here's the proof! πŸ‘€

10 Reasons To GET The Rapper Shortcut

You will feel a level of confidence for your career that will disintegrate all of your doubts about music being the right path for your life. Every single foot step to the top is already laid out in front of you, all you have to do is step in and start walking.

You will have a personal music manager so you have professional guidance, second opinions and someone by your side to help you make the right decisions every step of your music career.

Money will never be an issue again so you will NEVER be stuck waiting to make your next move. You will have your hands on $25,000 after you learn how to get a guaranteed bank loan. That and your business will be set up so perfectly that you will be collecting every dime of royalties most artists DON’T even KNOW they can collect. You’ll also own more of your publishing and be selling your own merchandise making thousands of dollars every time you release a new shirt.

You will be THE MOST successful and FAMOUS music artist from your hometown. Anyone who ever doubted you will feel stupid, switch sides and start saying β€œOh, I believed in them the whole time! I’m from their hometown, I know them!”.

You will have stadiums worth of people begging for you to release new music because you learned how to build your brand and market yourself so perfectly that everyone who hears your music instantly became a fan.

You will have the skill sets of platinum songwriters so your music will be so catchy and addictive, your music spreads person to person faster than you ever imagined. Everyone from your friends and family to the people you used to work with and go to school with will have your music on at least a few of their playlists.

You will have over 15 years of music industry experience all in your head so you know no one can ever screw you or get one over on you in the music industry. After all, you are a boss, so no one should be able to disrespect you and get away with it anyways.

You won’t be able to go in public without someone asking for an autograph or to take a picture with you. You’ll be the center of attention everywhere you go. As people walk up to you asking for a picture, everyone who doesn’t know who you are will wonder β€œOh they must be famous?! Who is that?”

You’ll feel like the β€˜world’ loves you, not just a few close people in your life. This is a very special feeling that 1 in a million people walking this planet get to experience.

And that feeling of everyone loving you won’t go away as you get to spend the rest of your life feeling like a walking legend everywhere you go. All because you know you were able to be one of the very few artists who learned every skill set it took to make it on your own without the help of a label.

A Secret Rob Level Has Never Shared

If you’re like me, most things are pretty tough to learn. It takes something special to really make any information stick to my brain so I can use it in real life.

I was in LD (Learning Disorder) and BD (Behavioral Disorder) schools (Special Ed) from 2nd grade until 12th grade. I barely passed every school year.

I’ve never told anyone this until right now as I’m typing this but, some years, I really didn’t deserve to pass the grade. But, since I was “Special”, they let me pass.

Honestly, I SHOULD NOT have graduated high school according to the state’s “Standards” and “Requirements” but they let me pass to get rid of me.

I wasn’t stupid… they just didn’t know how to teach someone like me. They couldn’t keep my attention or make me focus and care enough.

I was tested young and they found out I had a high IQ (139) but that made my brain jump around too fast, go 100 miles per minute and I could never learn anything properly. If that’s how you are, chances are you probably have a high IQ like me and you didn’t even know it.

We learn in a particular way and NORMAL TEACHERS are only trained to teach NORMAL STUDENTS… but as creatives and artists… WE AREN’T NORMAL! So they aren’t trained to teach people like us.

But I am like you and I know EXACTLY how I LEARNED this stuff and that’s EXACTLY how I teach you to learn it too!Β My curse has become a blessing to help you today because no one else could EVER teach you or understand how your brain learns properly like I do.Β 

And I built the ENTIRE Rapper Shortcut from the ground up from this perspective.

πŸ‘‡ Watch this video to see how I think outside the box for you πŸ‘‡


☝ START FOR ONLY $110,400 $27 πŸ‘†

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER



🀯 $110,400 in VALUE! 🀯




Level 1

money + Business + branding

  • Learn how to get a $25,000 bank loan to use for your career and fan base growth. Some people can get up to $50,000.
  • Learn how to write off everything you ever buy for your career on taxes. Never pay full price for anything in your career EVER AGAIN!
  • Professionally Brand yourself as an artist to make people take you seriously and love you.
  • Perfectly craft your story and artist name to make people curious about who you are just from seeing your name.
  • Learn how to develop visuals for your brand that instantly connect with anyone you promote your music to.
  • Design your artist image to perfectly reflect and say who you are as an artist without saying a word.
  • Learn how to fashionably dress yourself everyday look like you hired a professional stylist.
  • Learn how to get 48 hours of work done in just 24 hours using time management strategies CEO's use to run the world.
  • Learn how to find and pitch your music and record label ideas to investors and get them on board to building your Empire.

Level 2

Marketing PREP + Rap Skills

  • Learn how to get ANY CAR you want, drive it for FREE every month + make money from the car. And... it's a tax write off! #RichPeopleSecrets
  • Start a record label and be your own boss! Sign friends, family and talent you believe in. Oh yea, and sign yourself!
  • Get the Faster Fanbase Formula to guarantee you start gaining 10x the fans in no time!
  • Create your artist website in less than an hour to set up your fan capturing system, rank in Google and be able to sell T shirts and merch to make money!
  • Learn the advanced secrets of setting up FB pixels and YouTube tracking so every person who EVER sees you can be marketed to later to convert into hardcore fans.
  • Get your rap career off the ground with the fundamentals of rapping from alliteration, get it!
  • Advanced Rapping is next! How to jump into verses, where to place punchlines, how to deliver wordplay, how to murder every verse GUARANTEED and more.
  • Learn how to destroy writers block so you never have to worry about it EVER! You'll write 100 times the music.
  • Find which beats fit your music style and voice best!

Level 3

Voice + flow + Lyricism + SPEED RAPPING + MIC CONFIDENCE

  • Advanced Rapping Skill Set MASTERY! IT'S GO TIME!
  • Come into the studio with Rob for over 2 hours as he shows you his tools and secrets to writing UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of punchlines and wordplay. *TOP RATED COURSE*
  • Find your rap voice that will instantly allow you to DEMAND attention on any beat you ever rap on.
  • Learn how to develop a buttery smooth rap flow, stay on beat, create melodies and flows and develop your unique rap style.
  • Get the speed rapping skills that will make everyone's jaw drop and KNOW you really are a rapper.
  • You'll NEVER FEAR the microphone again. Your secrets to crush anxiety are waiting for you in this level.
  • Learn how to take anything from your life and tell in a story that will make millions of people relate to you.
  • Learn all of the advice and secrets Rob would go back and share with himself when he first started rapping. This is priceless! You get to avoid 10+ years of mistakes.

Level 4


  • Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about home studios!
  • Get Rob's Pro Tools session templates you simply load and they automatically make your music already sound MIXED.
  • You'll know how to record yourself from home and get a professional level sound without wasting $ on studio time.
  • Create an entire studio on a budget from $100 to $10,000.
  • Set up your entire home studio from acoustic treatment to microphones, preamps and studio monitors in no time.
  • Learn how to identify and make melodies that stick in people's head.
  • Create EPIC Songs that people will never forget!
  • Learn how to operate Pro Tools like a... well a pro!

Level 5


  • Get Rob's Secret to creating 24 Songs in ONE DAY! Yes! 24! Rob does it ALL right in front of you.
  • Imagine making enough songs for TWO ALBUMS... in ONE DAY!
  • Learn to Mix + Master Your Music to READIO READY QUALITY all from home!
  • Learn how to make money selling your new mixing skills so you get paid while practicing mixing other people's music.
  • Absorb 15+ YEARS Of songwriting secrets in a matter of hours.
  • Set up your PRO such as BMI or ASCAP + Song Trust etc.
  • Learn how to copyright and trademark your music.
  • Learn the strategies labels use to identify which songs are HITS and which ones won't be SH**.

Level 6


  • Make 5 Beats A DAY + learn how to do it with ZERO PRODUCER SKILLS & NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! (Learn How Rob Does it)
  • Learn how to make your own HIT SONG beats and get the HUGE bragging right that you do your own production.
  • Even if you don't want to make your own beats, you learn how to add flavor to other beats to make any beat 100% unique to you.
  • Oh and guess what, when you add that stuff, we show you how to get a producer credit on any song you ever make. This way you are getting bragging rights + publishing $$$
  • Get training wheels for starting to make beats so you already have the skeletons to make ANY BEAT.
  • Learn where to find samples and how to create them from ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!
  • Learn how to identify every instrument by ear and FEEL like a real music guru.

Level 7

Artist Content Creation + Strategy + PROMO SET UP

  • Learn how to get HUGE ARTISTS to feature on your songs for literally... 100% FREE. Every SINGLE TIME it will be FREE!
  • Start selling your verses to other artists and make thousands of dollars a month while making them market you to their fans. GENIUS!
  • Learn how to keep fans engaged, entertained and coming back for more so they never leave you.
  • Learn how to get your music to go viral on Tik Tok! It's pretty easy.
  • Get Rob's PRE MADE Templates for setting up your marketing so you already have what you need to launch singles ANYTIME and grow.
  • You learn how to make professional lyric videos to visually stimulate your fans and look more professional.
  • Then you are even shown how to sell lyric videos to other artists to make extra side money. All done with a template you've already for your own songs.

Level 8


  • Now we help you rewire your brain to think like a marketing genius so your music is NEVER IGNORED AGAIN.
  • Learn it ALL from the marketing fundamentals to the advanced to really understand HOW TO GET HEARD.
  • You'll get literally hundreds of marketing ideas and strategies. We teach you how to choose the right ones for each song and how to execute so you blow up!
  • Learn how to GUARANTEE 1 Million YouTube views on any music video you ever release.
  • Learn how to market yourself with every $50 and see growth.
  • Set Up Instagram Ads and get yourself to a Million followers in just a few months.
  • Set up FB Ads to gain tens of thousands of music streams a week on your music GUARANTEED!
  • Get yourself posted by MAJOR MEDIA like Buzz Feed, Complex, TMZ and more.

Level 9


  • Learn how we have helped artists get over 81 MILLION Spotify streams in the last year.
  • Learn how to automate your Spotify to make $500+ a month for your WHILE YOU SLEEP.
  • Get your hands on over 5,000 different Spotify Playlists
  • Learn how to set up Spotify Ads THE RIGHT WAY!
  • Go from ZERO to 1,000 Followers on Soundcloud in 30 Days
  • Learn how to automate your Soundcloud to grow while you sleep.
  • Get every single Spotify trick in the book and even ones that AREN'T in the book!
  • Get email and DM templates to get Playlisters to REALLY listen

Level 10


  • Learn how we have helped artists gain over 7.5 MILLION Instagram followers in the last year.
  • You'll find out all of the Dark Web Secrets and tricks to have 25-50 Instagrams marketing you all at once everyday.
  • Build your following WHILE YOU SLEEP using the story watching method only marketing experts know.
  • We show you how to brand your Instagram so people see it and instantly want to follow you.
  • Learn how to create the perfect content that gets you 7x the growth and engagement for your IG.
  • Get your hands on 23 strategies only agencies know!
  • Get Rob's MASSIVE Influencer list so you can get paid shout outs from any of the thousands of HUGE pages.
  • Highlights secrets to make people love your personality.
  • Learn how to build a Micro Influencer Machine

Level 11


  • Here is where you start making SERIOUS money from your fan base.
  • Learn the secret system of making a minimum of $20,000 every time you release EVEN A FREE MIXTAPE.
  • Learn how to make $5,000+ from your fanbase every single month simply using your email list I helped you build.
  • Learn micro marketing strategies to gain HUGE GROUPS of anywhere in the world within just a few days.
  • Learn how to steal fans from any artist in the industry using a strategy that will force their fans to love you.
  • Learn the secrets to getting your music posted by Worldstar, Lyrical Lemonade and No Jumper
  • Step it all up and learn how the XXL Freshman list REALLY WORKS so you can start working for your spot on that cover.

Level 12


  • Learn how to take everything you have built to this point and develop it into an empire that makes you MILLIONS of dollars.
  • Learn how to set up your own local shows and book your own tours. It's not as hard as you think.
  • At this point you'll be able to get sponsored by any clothing brand, here is where we show you how.
  • Learn how to sell out every show you EVER do so you start moving into bigger and bigger venues and start making thousands per show.
  • Become a local celebrity by taking everything you've done and learning how to force it onto your community to be the most famous person from your city.
  • You'll learn how to build your entire merch store or even start your own clothing line like I have.

🀯 VALUE $38,400 🀯

Yea, you are reading that right. The Rapper Shortcut includes a personal music manager for you to ask questions if you need help or questions about anything in The Rapper Shortcut.

We want to guarantee your success and make sure you are never without an answer to any question you have.

That’s why I am paying a whole team of people with college degrees to make sure you succeed and we get great reviews of this. This is not cheap for me but I know how valuable it will be for you.

No this is not a joke.Β Your ‘Personal Music Manager’ will be available to contact at anytime once you are inside The Rapper Shortcut.Β Nothing anywhere near ‘The Rapper Shortcut’ has ever existed… until now.


YOU ALSO get 24 Live video calls with me + MY C.O.O.
🀯 VALUED AT OVER $42,000 🀯

Unexpected and crazy, right? Well I’m crazy enough to believe I can change the world starting with an artist like you, so this isn’t TOO CRAZY by comparison.Β πŸ€ͺ

Not only are you getting a Personal Music Manager but I will be on a live video call for you the 1st and the 15th of every month along with my companies C.O.O who used to work for Disney.

I decided to do the calls in this launch because I want to personally hear and learn how everything is working out for everyone and answer any questions you might have.

Artists who sign up are getting $42,000+ in added valueΒ during this first launch of Rapper Shortcut because this WILL NOT be something I will ever be able to do again for anyone else. I’m just too busy!Β 

This means that we pay special attention to you in order to perfect everything through the entire process.

That’s why it is important to tell you that the ability to have a super dedicated music manager and especially have me at your disposal will NEVER exist again after this launch and it’s worth $42,000+Β 




Our LA office is located at 1600 Vine St. Suite 861 in Los Angeles, Hollywood, California. We are at Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. on the walk of fame right across from the Capitol Records building. 

Open: Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM

Office Phone: (323) 348-4167



☝ START FOR ONLY $110,400 $27 πŸ‘†

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER



🀯 Before AND After The Rapper Shortcut 🀯


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☝️ He Got A Deal With Universal ☝️

☝️ He Got A Deal With Empire ☝️


8 Questions To Ask Yourself

Do you want people to take you seriously as an artist?

Do you want a step-by-step process to hyper accelerate your rise to being a self made star?

Do you want to have all of your music business perfectly set up so its out of the way and you can focus 100% on being a full time music artist?

Do you want to know how to make music in every sector of music so you always have money to keep injecting back into your music career?

Do you want to learn every single aspect of music marketing and promotion so you can do it yourself and end up saving tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your music career?

Do you want to be able to say you are the definition of ‘Self Made’? Do you want to be able to say that you never had to ‘Sell Out’ or give up 80% of your hard earned money to a record label that would be your boss for the rest of your music career?

Do you want to be able to start your own clothing line and record label and sign friends, family and talented people who believe in you to become ‘The Boss’, as well as the most famous person from your hometown?Β 

Do you want to be able to absorb 15+ years of music industry and songwriting knowledge in 1 easy to follow system that you can do in 4 hours a week?


This isn't a system for 'Normal' people. Music artists are NOT NORMAL.
Watch this video to see if you're 'NORMAL' or if this is really for you.

For the next FEW DAYS, you can GET OVER 100 MASTERCLASSES for 99% OFF

☝ START FOR ONLY $110,400 $27 πŸ‘†

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER





3 Irresistable benefits of the rapper shortcut

Years Of Skill Gained In No ⚑ Time At All ⚑

You’re instantly better and smarter. What takes everyone else 5+ years to get good at doing… forget about waiting!

you get to learn all the good habits, tools and secrets in just a few hours a week. All as easy as binge watching the videos like it’s Netflix.Β πŸ‘€

Your Confidence
πŸš€ Skyrockets πŸš€

If you are anything like me, you not knowing enough about these areas probably scares the bajeezus out of you.

Especially when you come across a topic area that you know nothing about.

Β That gap in your knowledge causes doubts in your abilities to chase your dream of becoming a true music artist. All those doubts instantly vanish as soon as you have the knowledge in this.

The Rapper Shortcut is an instant self belief, career confidence booster.Β πŸ’ͺ

Skip The
πŸƒπŸ’¨ Industry Line πŸƒπŸ’¨

Since you don’t have to spend so much time making mistakes and trying to figure out every skill set, you’re ahead of every other rapper who doesn’t have their hands on this.Β πŸ™Œ

It’s not only a shortcut, you’re also getting to cut the line in the music industry.Β 

what other ARTISTS LIKE YOU are saying

Play Video
Play Video
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If we have TOO MANY artists, it would make it harder for the managers to be able to offer more attention to questions you might have

For that reason, we only allow so many artists into this program at a time.

In even the first Beta Launch of this which had half the masterclasses when we had half the subscribers, email list sign ups and fans, we sold out within 4 days.

I now have hired 4 new managers who work in my office in Hollywood, CA whose sole job for this is to help you succeed. If you watch my Reality show, you know see how amazing my team is!

Not only have we gotten dozens and dozens of artists like you signed to majors and big name indie labels but check this out.

One big reason I am so incredibly passionate about making The Rapper Shortcut the best of the best, is to make artists amazing enough to sign.

It’s also why my team of managers are trained as A&Rs to scout for me and keep their eyes on the most talented hard working artists in this program.Β 

I’m using The Rapper Shortcut to groom the next generation of music superstars.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I want to groom the most serious and dedicated artists and develop them to a point where I would be STUPID not to sign them. And even if I don’t sign them, after artists graduate from The Rapper Shortcut, I have direct connections with major and indie labels to help you if you do want a label’s backing for your career.

This is more than just some videos online, this is how you make this a REAL CAREER. πŸ“ˆ

You do all of this at your own pace!Β 

To be honest… you can take 2 years to do this… or 3… but why would you want a shortcut and not make it a shortcut haha?

You can always just let the weeks keep going and take the courses anytime you want, even months from now.

The issue is, why even take it if you’re going to do that. I truly want to help you and I can’t do that unless you are going to help yourself.

Then again, if you just want to get it because you know that you will want to have it later, that is okay too.

But don’t waste all of these amazing knowledge! It will change your life.

If you get The Rapper Shortcut today, your classes start on the 1st of the month (the same time EVERYONE in this 2021 class starts).

At midnight at the end of the month, your masterclasses release to you and you can get started with making 2021 your year!

Every Friday at midnight (Saturday Morning) your next set of masterclasses for that week release. This gives you something to get excited about for every single weekend, over and over.

Each week Friday At Midnight (Saturday Morning) your new set of Masterclasses unlock and you can start diving in. On Friday, the week’s payment comes out of your payment method of choice. It’s that simple! I will email + text you information about live calls, updates and everything to help you stay on track.

The Rapper Shortcut is set up to take you from beginner to superstar and take even someone who thinks they are mid level, break them down, teach them what they most likely missed and build them into a superstar. Over 75% of The Rapper Shortcut is business, marketing, time management, personal development, industry secrets, and of course ways to make money (and lots of it) from your music. So even if you have been rapping for YEARS and think you are incredible, that’s great, but you need everything else to make it nowadays my friend! That’s why The Rapper Shortcut was made.

The 1st of the month all of your Masterclasses start. You will be able to access your manager, masterclasses, FAQ and more all inside of your Rapper Shortcut Dashboard.

We really recommend you just pause your membership in case you change your mind. You can pause for 4 weeks in case you get too busy or can’t afford it for a few weeks. Don’t worry, you are not going to want to cancel after you get your hands on this.

These classes can all be taken from the safety of your home anytime you have free time.

It doesn’t matter what country you are in or what time zone you are in. You can take all of these Masterclasses anytime you want. Live calls with my team happen in the PST time zone. I’m in Los Angeles, CA so if you’re getting on these amazing calls, remember that!

To start, all you’re going to need is your phone or computer and some hustle. Nothing else is going to be needed until we get to the Home Studio training. At that point, I explain to you all of the music gear you will need from every budget as low as $100 for a home studio, up to $5,000. So don’t worry, you’ll have the equipment to get started by then! You’ll be too excited by then to not already be ready to have your own home studio and start recording yourself.

It lasts 48 weeks and you get a minimum of at least 2 to 4 Masterclasses a week, every week.

Discounts? Coupon Codes? This entire system is a coupon code! It’s over 99.9% off! Show me 1 coupon on earth that offers that much of a discount. haha For that reason, there can’t be any discounts or coupon codes. You only pay $27 a week, I am already losing money on the first 4 weeks of you taking The Rapper Shortcut. I have to pay managers, office expenses, server costs, email list costs, marketing dollars and more.

If you are smart enough to be reading But for any parents reading this, we recommend 13+ unless your child is a super smart 11 or 12 year old. In which case they will probably be fine. πŸ˜‹

We have enough positive testimonials to fill a school library! There is a reason we are the biggest, most subscribed to and followed music education channel and platform in the world. We have over 30,000,000 combined views on our videos and we are growing month over month at an even faster rate.

100% absolutely, yes! You can cancel anytime you wantΒ no questions asked and you can do it at the click of a button inside your VIP member dashboard.

Anytime you feel like being an absolutely insane person! πŸ€ͺ haha

Don’t worry, you’ll never think about cancelling after you have your hands on this. But you’re more than welcome to cancel anytime you want.

⏸️ We recommend you just pause your membership and come back to it when you have time or can afford it. No pressure!

I’ve been in your shoes, I understand how it is. Sometimes life is just too tough, things are happening and we can’t focus on our dreams as much as we’d like too. I also understand that some people might have weeks where they can’t afford it that week, and that’s why we made pausing an option for you.

To make sure you don’t give up on yourself, procrastinate and slow your own progress down, when you pause your membership it will pause for UP TO 4 WEEKS MAX.

You should ESPECIALLY TAKE THIS if you already have music out. Because if you do, this means you are serious about being a music artist.

You are already putting your heart and soul into your art and allowing it to be out there in the world to be judged by others. If you take The Rapper Shortcut, your only going to start making even better music.

Except now, you’ll actually know how to market your music and get your amazing music into the ears of MILLIONS of people.

You DO NOT! To start, all you’re going to need is your phone or computer and some hustle. Nothing else is going to be needed until we get to the Home Studio training. At that point, I explain to you all of the music gear you will need from every budget as low as $100 for a home studio, up to $5,000. So don’t worry, you’ll have the equipment to get started by then! You’ll be too excited by then to not already be ready to have your own home studio and start recording yourself.

This is perfectly broken down for independent music artists to be able to afford this, even if they are in high school! Everyone gets paid sometime during the week and usually on Friday. For that reason, I set it up to make sure you are financially good to go and every Friday night at midnight (Saturday Morning) the cost for that week happens to your payment method of choice. This is $27 for the first 4 weeks (because we know you are going to fall in love with it and see the value) and then it is $47 a week after that. The price will never go higher than that.

I created The Rapper Shortcut so that every week’s knowledge and information can easily be digested in as little as 4 hours A WEEK. That’s it!!! Imagine you’re getting 4 hours of entertainment and knowledge to keep you entertained a week, and it’s only $27.

There are actually a bunch of ways we keep you going in The Rapper Shortcut. I have 2 live calls a month to get you pumped and excited. Middle of each week we send you information and reasons to get excited about your next upcoming week. I actually call Shortcut Members from time to time personally. On top of that, don’t forget that you have a personal manager right there to make sure you are doing what you need to every week! And if you get lost or confused, you can always ask them whatever you need to.

We recommend you ask your parents if it is okay to take these classes first. But after they say “It’s Okay.” you won’t need anything else from them. You can do it all on your own. Also, if they want to, they are more than welcome to be on the 2 big live monthly calls you’ll be able to get on.

If you complete the shortcut you will have life time access to ALL of the resources and Masterclasses inside of it.

Absolutely for the SERIOUS ARTISTS! Rob does massive calls with everyone 2 times a week that you can get on. He also is very well known for getting the best artists label deals and this year he will start signing artists to his label.

You need absolutely NONE. Everything is taught in The Rapper Shortcut.

Nope! Login ANYTIME YOU WANT TO and have your fun growing your career. πŸ™‚

Some of the masterclasses in the higher levels start getting extremely valuable. A lot of them are worth over $1,000 each. If we let you start a month for $27 and let you get everything… I mean I’m crazy for making the Rapper Shortcut so cost efficient for you, but I’m not THAT CRAZY lol Plus you wouldn’t even know how to use most stuff in higher levels if you haven’t taken the prior masterclasses. It is all set up so you learn everything in the perfect order so when you move up levels you thoroughly understand everything as it gets more and more fun top level knowledge.

The entire first month you take the Shortcut, Rob actually loses a bunch of money because he has to pay managers, office expenses, server costs, email list costs, marketing dollars and more. We want to be upfront and honest with you here.

This is not a digital product, it is a service that valuable takes time from numerous people that Rob has to pay. So there are no refunds.

You are getting thousands of dollars in stuff each week. On top of that, no one has ever asked for a refund from The Rapper Shortcut. Probably because only serious artists get it and see the immense value of it for their careers.

There is a chance that you might not need a FEW of these… and out of the 100, I am talking about like 3 or 4 of them. Such as if you already have a home studio and know how to record yourself, you may not feel the need to take those masterclasses. Or you may already have an entire skill set in a specific area. You might not want to take that Masterclass in that area but we recommend that you do because you are still bound to learn SOMETHING VALUABLE. Trust me, you’ll want to take 99/100 of these no matter who you are or what skill level you are currently at.

There are actually a bunch of ways we keep you going in The Rapper Shortcut. I have 2 live calls a month to get you pumped and excited. Middle of each week we send you information and reasons to get excited about your next upcoming week. I actually call Shortcut Members from time to time personally. On top of that, don’t forget that you have a personal manager right there to make sure you are doing what you need to every week! And if you get lost or confused, you can always ask them whatever you need to.

The App Launches Mid March 2021. The features include everything that the current site features and more.Β 

One feature I am super excited for is that I can hold the live calls and person meetings through the app!

The entire purpose of The Rapper Shortcut is to give you every skill set and mind rewiring crumb of knowledge to feed your mind and life.

You will have everything you need to succeed and if you follow along taking action through the entire system, you will have a fanbase you are making enough money from to live on by the time this is all done. Then you grow from there.

I made sure that NOT a single skill set you will need is left out. I even mean in life too. You’ll have your business set up and in the last month I show you how to expand your empire and ways to make millions of dollars as a music artist the same way every major artist does after they blow up.Β 

This is going to change your life, the way you look at yourself, and the way other people look at you. It all starts with you giving yourself permission to say yes today and then putting in the work.It won’t be easy, but nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy.

How much work is put into each Masterclass?

Without this shortcut you might give up on your dreams πŸ˜”

Why YOU NEED THIS no matter how long you've been doing it.


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"Rob is one of the smartest guys I know."
Clinton Sparks (w/ Drake)
Grammy Winner | Multi Platinum Producer

Credits Include: Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Nas, 2 Chainz, Macklemore and the list goes on.
"I'm tryna build on some independent shit how much u charge for ya devices"
Da Honorable C Note (w/ Dr. Dre)
Multi Platinum Super Producer

Credits Include: Travis Scott, Future, Trippie Redd, ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, 2 Chainz, Migos, Lil Yachty, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane
"Any upcoming music artist needs to check out Rob Level and Smart Rapper."
Fatman Scoop (w/ Snoop Dogg)
Iconic Hip Hop Legend

Credits Include: Be Faithful (Put Your Hands Up) This still plays in the clubs to this day. You have 100% heard it before.

Associated Acts: Three 6 Mafia, Skrillex, Bone Thugs, Timbaland, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott
"I need help with the new age independent marketing. All these labels who want in but I don't want a labels help, I wanna do it myself."
Warren G (w/ Snoop Dogg)
West Coast Hip Hop Legend

Associated Acts: 2 Pac, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Slick Rick, Mack 10, Memphis Bleek

Credits Include: Part Of Tha Dogg Pound And The Legendary Group 213 that Snoop Dogg is in.


If you feel like this is right for you, CLICK THE BUTTON, and get instant access to The Rapper Shortcut, worth more than $110,000!​

Just $110,400 $27

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER





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If you feel like this is right for you, CLICK THE BUTTON, and get instant access to The Rapper Shortcut, worth more than $110,000!​

Just $110,400 $27

When This Timer Hits 0, This Offer Will Expire...FOREVER


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