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You've just made a wise investment in yourself by taking action on my Rapper Shortcut sale.

First things first, I want to congratulate you.

The programs you’re getting access to will positively change your life.

And since you now have them ALL, I’m excited to hear your results.

Do me a favor and message me once you have a successful story to share so I can share it with others.  

I can’t wait to read it!

Before you start your first lesson, this is important:

What Happens Next

I’m assuming you are excited to start and you might have a fear in your belly that you won’t carry through with this like you might have done with some other things in your life. 

So I am offering this so you can get that extra special attention for the first 8 weeks. This will give you the momentum to push you through the hardest part, which is starting. This way the rest of the 6 months will be an easy to follow habit.

As you go through the programs when classes start, here’s what will happen:


  1. You’ll learn a lot

  2. You’ll have more questions


As comprehensive as the programs are with over 100 hours of training, you’re very likely to have more questions.

The good news is I have a one-time upgrade for helping you with just that.


If you’d prefer a more personalized approach…


Would You Like To Add 8 Weeks Of Live Training To Your Order?

If so, click the “Upgrade” button below to attend the weekly live calls.

Note: this upgrade is NOT free.

But since you’ve just made a purchase, you won’t need to enter your card information again.


Just click the button and my team will send you the registration information for the upcoming 8 weeks of live calls.

Picture this:

You’ll meet live with me or someone from my team online every week for the first two months of the Rapper Shortcut. 

Think of how impactful that’d be for both your music and life.

Unlike my end of month live streams that I am on, these calls are more exclusive since only a limited number of people will be on each call. 

With 50 slots taken from 50 serious artists you can assume there will be 50 people on those end of month calls with me. 

By joining in on these calls you can guarantee you get more attention. 

If you attend, you’ll have the chance to:

– Interact with me live – Get feedback on your projects – Ask me about rapping, music promotion, investing in studio equipment, shooting your own music videos, building a website, getting more fans, psychological hurdles you might have or ANYTHING else on your mind.

Normally, I charge $60,000 – $100,000 a year for consultations. 

But since this will be 8 weeks instead of a year, and it’s in a group setting, the price to join won’t be anywhere near that amount.

Click the button below to upgrade now!

Keep Hustlin, I’ll see you at the top!



P.S. If you want to pass this up and continue to access your programs, I respect your decision. Just be aware that as of now, the only way to get access to the 8 weeks of live calls is this page.

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