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Re: How To “Shortcut” Your Way To An Amazing Voice

From The Desk Of:
Rob Level
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Let me get straight to the point.

As a rapper or singer, your voice is your number one asset.

You can spend a fortune buying amazing beats from the world’s best producers.

You can spend a fortune recording in the best studios in the world.

You can spend a fortune perfectly mixing and mastering all of your songs.

But none of that matters if your voice sucks.

Your voice is…

“Your Artistic Fingerprint”

Here’s what I mean.

The only difference between YOU…and artists who are celebrated, played on the radio and love by everyone is their voice.

Your voice is what gives your music character and makes you stand out.

Having an amazing sounding voice is the fine line that will take your music from good to GREAT

And it’s the one thing that CAN’T be fixed with good beats, expensive studios or world-class sound engineering.

If your voice sucks.

It sucks.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless, of course, you spend a fortune on voice training, work for decades with a vocal coach or have “good genetics” or talent, right?


Let me ask you a question:

Are You Ready To Make Music You Actually Like Listing To?

You can keep practicing alone, like you are now – and making songs you hate or are embarrassed to show friends and family.

You can keep feeling alone and untalented (even though you know you’re not!).

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"The Ultimate Rap Voice Toolkit"

“The Rap Voice Toolkit” is a multi-course online training with step-by-step videos and practical exercises to improve all areas of your Rap Voice easily and quickly.

And it’s newbie friendly.

We take you through many areas to help you gain that leg up and nail down your rap voice and style once and for all!

These incredible tools cover MULTIPLE areas of your rap voice.

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Here’s just a peek of what you’re getting:

Rap Voice Tool #1

Breath Control Exercises
Training To Improve Your Rap Delivery
($25 Value)

Breath and breathing are SO IMPORTANT to your Rap voice. Your breathing controls your delivery and changes your vocal quality a TON!

Knowing how to support your voice with the correct breathing also stops damage to your voice caused by strain on your vocal cords, which leads to medical conditions over time.

Learn what the pros do – tried and true breathing exercises that will make your verses and delivery POP.
Never run out of breath again!

Rap Voice Tool #2

The Secret To Delivering Raps
So People Feel Every Word
($14 Value)

Tired of making songs that have NO vibe and leave listeners bored and pressing “next”?

Your vocal expression – how you deliver lines – is HUGE in terms of making people FEEL something when they hear your music.

Whether that emotion is happy, sad, crazy, lit – you as the artist have the ability to make people feel things when they listen to your song. That power lies inside your own voice.

Unlock that potential for yourself with this section of the Rap Voice Toolkit.

Rap Voice Tool #3

Rap Voice Exercises:
Techniques For Sounding Rough And Raspy
($15 Value)

Always wanted a deeper, raspier rap voice? Done with sounding weak on the mic?

Check out these exercises, perfectly made to help you get your rap voice at the level you’ve always dreamed of.

Rap Voice Tool #4

How To Figure Out What Beats Work
With Your New Rap Voice
($27 Value)

Sick of choosing beats that just “don’t work” for your voice? Unsure of where to go with beat style NOW that you’ll have an amazing new rap voice?

This course will take you through multiple areas to help your choices in beats moving forward – so you’ll only be rapping to the most incredible beats for YOU.

Check out some of the covered topics:

But that’s not all.

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Now, as you can imagine, I’ll get a ton of interest from this, and that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully.

Time Is Of The Essence

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It took me years of trial and error and cost me a ton of money to learn all this stuff, and it’s worth a lot more than just $47.

Even giving it away for $197 feels a bit inappropriate given how much time and energy I invested to learn this stuff.

That being said, please understand the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

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