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You've just done something most people wouldn't...

You’ve taken action.

Taking action is a difficult thing to do for most people. But you did it. And for that, I want to congratulate you.

Before you proceed with completing your checkout ” I want you to watch this important video I made for you.

Would you like to add my Rap Star Road Maps program to your checkout?

$149.00 One Time Fee

60 day money back guarantee

Struggling To Decide?

Maybe you’re still unsure about what you get with my Rap Star Road Maps Program.


Perhaps you don’t know if it’s the right program for you.


I’ll help you make a decision.

First, let me remind you why you're here.

You're on this page because:

#1 – You are a smart person who wants to improve your health and wealth

#2 – You want to experience more love and happiness

#3 – You understand the importance of investing in yourself


Your recent purchase will help you out!


But it’s only the beginning.


As you continue getting results, chances are you’ll want more help with some of the more-advanced areas of improving your life.


My Rap Star Road Maps will give you that help.


It’s called the Rap Star Road Map Program because it’s like seeing the steps other artists took to make it big, except for one key difference.


You already have your own faster road map with The Rapper Shortcut. But you can see other ways rappers got into the game and learn the other tactics.


You’ll be getting insights from some of the best rappers in the world.


In 10+ in-depth videos ” that are each 30-90 minutes long, Me and my team breakdown key components from rappers such as:


– Da Baby

– Young Thug

– Jay Z

 – Drake

 – Lil Wayne

 – Kanye West


… and many more.


Learning these lessons from proven rap experts is how I’ve been able to figure out what road map would work best for me by trying things to see if they would work.


In my Rap Star Road Maps Program, I’ll pass these lessons to you.


Unlike my free online videos, the Rap Star Road Maps Program is only for my followers who’re serious about improving their lives.


Each video is a like a private lesson that I normally reserve for my masterminds that go for $10,000 to $50,000 to attend.


I realize $50k to attend an in-person event is a lot.


So instead of setting the price that high, I came up with a virtual solution ” my Rap Star Road Maps Program.


For just a fraction of the regular price, you can get the same type of advanced lessons available at any time.


To make this offer even better?

I’ll add 100% money-back guarantee to my Rap Star Road Maps Program.


This way, you can get the training and the results that come with it without the risk.


I’m doing this because you’ve shown me that you’re the type of person who takes action. I want to reward you for your effort by giving you a chance to get this program for a fraction of the regular price.


And because I’m confident it will help you, I’m fully guaranteeing its price.


Take the next step now by clicking the “Yes” button below!


As soon as you do, I’ll make sure the Rap Star Road Maps Program is added to your Rapper Shortcut as soon as your training starts.


This gives you even more reason to be excited and have something to look forward to.

$149.00 One Time Fee

60 day money back guarantee

If you are undecided, let me present you with this question:

Imagine This

What if you could get practical strategies and tools for creating, building, and scaling a successful music career.


Note the word practical.


The Rap Star Road Maps Program shares specific how-to information, not theories and philosophies. You will get takeaways from rappers and careers who’ve been in the trenches. 


Theories and philosophies are important, but it’s not enough.


You need specific how-to information, too.


I am not anti-university. I just think it doesn’t make sense that most music school and recording school teachers haven’t experienced actually working up from the mud they’re relied on to give advice about music careers.


*** Sounds crazy, right? ***



What’s even more crazy is the average cost of a college music education.


A top two-year school is over $200,000!


Surprisingly, it gets even more outrageous…


What is even crazier is they don’t offer a guarantee.


This is why I’d like to create this alternative path for you.


A way to get an advanced understanding of real music business ” at a fraction of the cost ” with a guarantee attached.


If this sounds like something you’d be willing to experience, click the YES button below and I’ll add access to the Rap Star Road Maps Program to your checkout.

What's Included With The Rap Star Road Maps Program?

Rap Map To Success



– 10 Videos: On-demand course material you can go through at your own pace. I recommend you pace yourself and go through these slow and steady. Each 30-90 minute video focuses on a key component of being a serious rap star.



– Even More: We plan on doing a lot more of these rapper break downs and you will get full access to every single one of them for the next year. That’s right, MORE free.



– Excitement + Seriousness Booster: Another reason to be excited for everything you have coming in 2020!


I don’t want to mislead you.


The Rap Star Road Maps Program might not be for you.


The best way to describe who this IS for is asking yourself the following 3 questions:


1. Do you want help with building a rap career that takes you from scarcity to independence (75,000 to 150,000 fans a year), independence to prosperity (150,000 to 1,000,000 fans a year), or prosperity to wealth and impact (1,000,000 new fans a year and above)?


2. Do you want a “better-than-next level” education about building a rap career, directly from people who’ve built massive rap careers?


3. Do you want the assurance of having a guarantee, so you can continuously feel great about your investment while you experience the beneficial results over time?

If you answered YES, then click the button below to upgrade your order!

Here's my promise to you.

If during the first 60 days you’re not getting the results you want from my Rap Star Road Maps program, I’ll return every penny of your investment.

Ivy League universities want you to invest over $200,000 and do not provide a guarantee.

All I’m asking for is a one-time investment ” that’s MUCH lower ” with the option to get ALL your money back.
Seems like a no-brainer to me.

To be clear, the Rap Star Road Maps will not make you rich and successful overnight.

Yet if you apply the training, I promise it will help you.

Thousands of people have been asking me to make these break downs for years and now I am finally offering them for the first time in the launch of The Rapper Shortcut.

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