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Rating From 6,157 Rappers Who Have Taken This Course

8 Seriously Major Benefits For You

  • Benefit #1: People Will FEEL Your Music 10 Times More
    If you ask ANY professional songwriter what the key to a hit song is, they will tell you "Making the listener feel". This is what brings listeners into the world of the song and makes them a fan. People "FEEL" from the tone of your voice and energy, then after that, from the lyrics you said.

    The human brain reacts to how it sounds and makes them feel before anything. That's why you "FEEL" music. When you find the right voice for every song you make, every song will help you gain fans. You get the secrets I've learned from recording songs with Grammy winners and Multi Platinum Artists that all comes in the Rap Voice Masterclass. When you learn these powerful keys, the entire soundscape of your music will change, along with your career trajectory.
  • Benefit #2: Increased Rap Flow And Catchier Songs
    By using the techniques I teach you to find your rap voice, you'll find that your rap flow has already started developing to A VERY APPARENT level. This even comes with 5 minute daily videos you follow along to and flow with using your new voice.
  • Benefit #3: Increase In Speed Of Your Fan Base Growth (Followers And Hardcore Fans)
    Better voice and better sounding music means everyone you promote your music to will have a higher chance of becoming a fan.
  • Benefit #4: You Get More Fans While Spending Less Marketing Dollars
    Every Dollar You Spend On Music Marketing Goes Further. You'll spend less money yet gain more fans because the quality of your music has increased with your overall sound. More people will follow, like and share your music faster than ever before.
  • Benefit #5: Know You Have More Skills Than Other Rappers
    At the end of the day, when it comes to being an artist, voice is key. Knowing that you have all the secrets and strategies pros use to find the right tone for your music will put you in a whole new league of rapper. Other rappers won't stand a chance against you and best of all, you'll know it. Talk about a confidence boost.
  • Benefit #6: Massive Increase In Music Output
    Because you'll love your voice, you'll complete music at a faster pace than ever before.
  • Benefit #7: Your Fans Will Love Looking Up Your 'OTHER' Music
    When someone hears one amazing song from you and they love the sound of your voice, they expect the other songs to sound very similar and to be just as good. This means when they hear ONE good song from you, they want to go find the other ones and they become more and more of a fan as they dig deeper into your music catalog.
  • Benefit #8: You'll Make WAY MORE MONEY From Your Music
    Benefit number 7 means new fans are looking up more of your music. This takes your Spotify from 1 stream from a person, to the person listening to 3, 5 or 10 of your songs. Then they add their favorites to their personal playlists and you get daily listens. This means you are getting 3, 5 to 10 times more streams from every new fan.

    If you gain just 1,000 new fans, that's upwards of 10,000 streams.... A DAY! That's $60 a day you earn from Spotify Streams. And idk about you, but I put songs I like on REPEAT for like 30 minutes at a time.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

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Rating From 6,157 Rappers Who Have Taken This Course

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

"The Official Rap Voice Masterclass"

“The Official Rap Voice Masterclass” is a five hour online course with step-by-step training videos and practical exercises on how to create the perfect rap voice in 30 days.

And it’s newbie friendly.

In this online course I literally take you by the hand and walk you through each step first-hand, explaining how vocal chords work, how to find your voice range and choose your voice type, quickly training your voice to match every beat as well as a “quick and dirty” singing training to make your voice more melodic.

You’re also getting a simple 3-minute guided exercise that will strengthen and build up your voice.

All you have to do is press “play” and follow along.

Even if you don’t watch the entire online course and all you do is spend three minutes a day doing this exercise, your voice is going to sound amazing after 30 days.

You’re also getting seven custom beats to build your voice and practice.

This online course isn’t a bunch of fluff and filler but rather a “hands on” voice training with a ton of examples, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting:

  • The Little-Known Science Behind Why We Don't Like Our Voice (And How To Go From Hating Your Voice To Loving It...)
  • The Psychology Of The Human Voice And How To Design The Perfect Rap Voice From The Ground Up
  • How To Gain Absolute MASTERY & CONTROL Over Your Voice By Understanding Your Vocal Chords
  • How To Know And Choose Your Ideal Voice Type (Plus A List Of Rapper Voice Ranges To Pick From...)
  • Examples Of Voices On Different Beats To Help Further Your Understanding Of What Matches Certain Beats
  • A Detailed Training On Getting Your Voice Tone To Meld And Match Every Beat Along With Examples And Demonstrations From My Own Songs
  • How To Become More Melodic And Master Your Flow
  • The 3-Minute Voice Exercise: A Step-By-Step Guided Exercise You Can Follow For One Month To Guarantee You'll Find A Better Rap Voice In 30 Days

But that’s not all.

I’m also giving you 2 FREE bonuses worth $441 as a special welcome gift…


Insider Secrets From A Professional Voice Actor
($297 Value)

A professional voice actor is brought in to show you how to have more character in your voice as well as how the voice works for creating unique voices and characters that are used in cartoons, movies, TV and music.

This is unprecedented. When you hear an artist that really stands out, why do they stand out?

They stand out because they have CHARACTER and CHARISMA on the microphone.

What do voice actors voice? They voice characters.

Characters that have unique voices and a lot of personality. The same thing you need as a rap artist to stand out from the rest of the bland and timid masses of rappers.


Magic Making Machine 3.1 & Pro Tools Template
($144 Value)

This is a Pro Tools template that you load into your Pro Tools with 2 clicks that sets you up on a platinum song writer template I was given by a top song writer.

I converted and perfected it for myself and now I’m giving it to you.

It is perfectly set up so that as soon as you record a single breath into the microphone it already sounds super clean and pre-mixed.

This is the template that the PROS use who make platinum records.


You’re right …that’s a lot of proven and tested strategies and tools to help you make your voice sound amazing without expensive voice training, working for decades with a vocal coach or talent.

And you can get it all for 75% OFF today.


7 Step By Step Follow Along Exercise Videos
($97 Value)

You get 7 different 5-minute training videos you simply follow along with. You CAN’T fail the way that I made this for you.

5 Minutes Is .33% of your day. That’s right, less than 1% of your day to do this and get better.

Anyone can find time to do this!

Just look at the reviews and testimonials below for the Rap Voice Master Class!

Testimonials Of The Rap Voice Master Class From Real Customers

Rating From 6,157 Rappers Who Have Taken This Course

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