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If you’re a rapper or singer and want to “shortcut” your way to being able to effortlessly flow any lyrics on any beat like a pro, this is the most important message you’ll ever hear.

Re: How To “Shortcut Your Way To A Buttery Smooth Rap Flow

From The Desk Of:
Rob Level
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Let me get straight to the point.

As a rapper your “Ability To Flow Raps” is your number one asset that makes people want to listen to your music again and again, as well as take your seriously as a rapper.

Think about people you hear rap who you would NEVER take seriously. They are all off beat, poorly delivering lyrics, not even in their own pocket when rapping.

People can double you when they see you only have so many followers and streams on your music.

But, they can’t deny or doubt you if, when they hear your flow…you can actually flow and it sounds GOOD.

If you can flow…you can flow. Period!

You can spend an absorbent amount of money buying amazing beats from big name producers in the game.

You can spend a Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington In American Gangster) drug lord amount of money to record in the best studios with the best music equipment.

You can spend more than your apartment or house costs monthly paying promotion companies to promote your new music.

But none of that matters if the songs you are creating have a weak, amateur flow where you sound like you need to learn how to rap no matter how good your lyrics are.

If you sound like you can’t RAP because you don’t know how to flow, the best lyrics in the world won’t help you. Delivering lyrics is actually more important than the lyrics alone.

Most people aren’t listening for lyrics, they are listening for what SOUNDS good. Why do you think rappers like Lil’ Pump and other rappers with 0 lyrical ability and terrible topic matter have insanely huge fan bases?

Flow matters… then lyrics matter. I refused to believe this for YEARS but when I came down to earth I realized it’s the truth and the sooner I accepted it the sooner I would be able to start gaining fans faster.

Your ability to flow your lyrics is…

“Your Key To Success”

Here’s what I mean.

The only difference between YOU…and rappers who are famous, getting millions of streams on their songs and are loved by everyone are these two things:

  1. They can rap their asses off and SOUND AMAZING while doing it; and
  2. They had a real marketing plan to get their music heard.

But you need the music FIRST. Otherwise the marketing plan won’t even matter.

Your ability to delivery great lyrics in a way that people FEEL and love the way it sounds is what makes people take your music seriously so that you stand out from the huge tidal wave of rappers flooding us on our social media feeds today.

Having a firm grip on how to deliver rap lyrics with a great flow is the fine line that will take people who hear you from “Maybe I’ll Follow Him” to “He/she Definitely Has What It Takes To Make It. *presses follow on your profile*…

This is the one thing that CAN’T be fixed with good beats, expensive studios or world-class sound engineering.

If your ability to flow sucks.

It just… sucks.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless of course you have a big rapper as a mentor who has time to teach you everything he or she knows about writing flows the right way.

Or if you get signed by a record label and they put you into artist development until you are a rap flow champion.

Of course good luck with that because you know they only sign people who can already flow at a level that can sell on a commercial level.

So it seems like you’ll never reach that skill level without years of trying to figure out how to flow in a way that really connects with people, right?


Let me ask you a question:

“Do You Have An Extra 30 Minutes A Day
To Develop A Fan Base Magnet Level Rap Flow?”

Because that’s all it really takes to intensify your rap flow skills when you have the shortcuts to exactly what to do. Of course you have to practice, but I can show you exactly what you need to practice and all the tricks you never realized go into a great rap flow.

I know the secrets to taking you from your current skill level to a Buttery Smooth Rap Flow in less than a month.

A skill level that the biggest rappers spent years developing to transform into a beat-riding-beats.

I’ve analyzed and broken down these flow secrets and routines into simple to do, follow along videos. This way anyone can mimic them and instantly enhance their rap flow abilities with barely any effort…

You could have an amazing rap flow by this time next month.

Just check out some of our testimonials on the master series. I’m getting 10/10 reviews from people who hate most things.

This is one of my top 3 selling courses FOR A REASON.

…and unless you spend years developing flows and writing thousands of songs it’s extremely hard to have these shortcuts and this level knowledge.

Until now… because I’ve decided to create an online course…

And share everything with you.

A lot of the stuff you’re about to learn is the exact reason why I’ve been able to build a massive music fan base off of my versatile rap flows across any kind of beat from any genre.

My methods of how to create rap flows, has taken my career and music to the level and I know it’s going to do the same for YOU.

So without any further ado…

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

"The Rap Flow Router: Butter Rap Flow Made Easy"

This is an online course with step-by-step trainings and practical breakdowns on exactly what the tricks are to creating flows that actually make people feel an emotion when the hear them. Flows that capture people’s attention and respect.

And it’s newbie friendly.

In this online course I literally take you by the hand and walk you through each step first-hand, explaining what you need to know to grow your flow skills as quickly as possible. You get to skip all the confusion about what to do because I show you.

All you have to do is press “play” and follow along.

Even if you don’t watch the entire online course and all you do is spend a few minutes a day watching these videos, your rap style is going to start getting better and better as you understand how advanced flow tricks work.

This online course isn’t a bunch of fluff and filler but rather a “hands on” fan base training with a ton of examples, demonstrations and practical break downs.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting:

But that’s not all.

I’m also giving you 3 FREE bonuses worth $391 as a special welcome gift…


A Whole Extra Hour "Over My Shoulder" Flow Writing Session
($197 Value)

This is a full EXTRA hour of watching me in the studio writing flows. This is an uninterrupted writing session where I just write and you can watch me do it.

The other version is me writing as I explain what I’m doing. This one is a whole new one you where you watch me write naturally and see what I am doing as I do it.

That’s why I called it the “Over My Shoulder” flow Writing Session.

You’ll never see another rapper explain their secrets to flow writing for an entire 1 hour writing session. I not only share one fully explained hour, but I share an entire other hour you can watch in amazement as you see flow come together.


Fully Guided One Hour Writing Session Template
($97 Value)

This is super helpful for music artists who have no idea what beats to write to and where to start from.

I give you a full hour of beats (that I actually use) that I found to be the most useful for writing in specific areas.

For example, some beats are fantastic for writing punchlines to because they give you the time to say more words and deliver them. Then there are beats that bounce more and are better for writing wordplay and multis.

I have these beats and they are all combined perfectly into a 1 hour video you can turn on. It tells you when to start writing punchlines and when to start writing wordplay, multis and more so you can grow your flow skills across the board every single day.


Tools To Destroy Writer's Block Anytime, Anywhere
($97 Value)

To make sure you never have an issue starting to write flows, come up with topic ideas or writing flows at all I give you all the tools that I wish I knew about when I started.

They are easy to use tools that you’d never even think about using that will not only smash writer’s block but it will amplify the amount of flows you writing by 3 to 5 times. No joke!

You get to watch me use these tools and learn how to use them for yourself so you never have an issue with writer’s block again.


You’re right …that’s a lot of proven and tested strategies and tools to help you make your rap style good enough to build fan base with. All without needing a rap mentor to take time to show you everything or spending years trying to figure out what to do to build your flow flow skill the right way.

And you can get it all for more than 60% OFF today.

Here's What To Do Next

If you’d like to grow your flow skills and style with this course that I specifically designed for rappers like you, you’ll have to get my Rap Flow Router online course today.

The course usually sells for $497.

But until the end of today you can get it for just $197 one-time.

The way I see it this online course won’t “cost” you anything though.

If you implement everything you learn and get around 5,000 streams on Spotify or Apple Music (Which You Will!!!), it’s already paid for.

Your flow skills are one of your most important rap career assets, which is why I believe this online course is one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a rapper.

Many rappers end up WASTING a small fortune trying to make their fan base bigger by buying expensive promotional packages they have to buy every single time they drop a single. They buy studio time or hiring a sound engineer to fix their weak sounding music hoping it will all lead to the fans coming in faster.

But once you learn how to actually sound like a true rapper when you rap… people stick to you 10 times easier, anytime you do any marketing, you’ll watch the people who see and hear you follow you like never before.

After going through my “Rap Flow Router” you’ll have everything you NEED to make your fan base grow… even if you are recording your music in your home studio.

It’s a game changer.

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Here's What Happens After That

As soon as you’ve signed up for my “Rap Flow Router” online course, you’ll get access to all the video trainings and FREE bonuses.

I’ve put everything on a secure member area for you.

You can comfortably access all the trainings from your computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other device. You can access the course 24/7 without any restrictions or limitations.

And don’t worry, it’s easy stuff and everything is delivered in small bite-sized chunks.

Every Day You Don't Have This You Are Losing Out On Possibly Making Your Hit Song That Blows You Up

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Original Price $497

Rating Out Of Over 500 Rappers 9.6/10

Now as you can image, I’ll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully.

Time Is Of The Essence

As much as I’d like to give away my “Rap Flow Router” online course for 60% OFF forever, I simply don’t want to do that.

It took me years of trial and error and cost me a ton of money to learn all this stuff, and it’s worth a hell of a lot more than just $197.

Even giving it away for the normal price of $497 feels a bit inappropriate given how much time and energy I invested to learn this stuff.

That being said, please understand the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

As soon as the countdown timer on this page hits zero, the cart will close.

And this insane 60% OFF discount will be gone!

The cart for this course is open for the next 36 hours only and you won’t be able to get it on discount or get those free bonuses when the timer hits 0.

Now is the time to get my course, it won’t be available like this after the deadline.

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Original Price $497

Rating Out Of Over 500 Rappers 9.6/10

Don't Forget How Crazy These Testimonials Are!

Every Day You Don't Have This You Are Losing Out On Possibly Making Your Hit Song That Blows You Up

Get Instant Access For 60% OFF!

Just $197

Original Price $497

Rating Out Of Over 500 Rappers 9.6/10

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