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Independent artists just starting out should not spend large budgets on music videos because they’ll need a lot to get going? This content game isn’t about one masterpiece, it’s about releasing stuff on a consistent basis.

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This course will give you the foundation and everything you need to know to generate incredible content for yourself…but that’s not all…we also show you an entire business plan to earn extra money using these skills to shoot for other artists. 

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  • The perfect next step for someone who needs visual content to help their music pop off
  • The ultimate music video bible, check below to see the included topics, downloads, and training
  • The insider's guide to how we plan and shoot our videos that get millions of views online

the ultimate music video editing guide

step by step valuable skillset

  • Editing is one of my most accomplished skillsets. I can edit something in an hour that would take people days. And I show you EVERYTHING in this course.
  • Learn how to edit videos perfectly to hit right in today's algorithms - this info is not available anywhere else...
  • Additional Knowledge: Adding lyrics, titles, timing and font choice, color choice, etc.
  • Full post production guide including color correction, how to hide or patch mistakes, jump cuts, + more
  • Avoid making corny videos with amateurish vibes with super tutorials from me live on the computer
  • Get the insider's guide to finalizing the content that will help fans connect to you and love you 10 times faster!

full music video gear and tech guide

tested by us for you

  • Even though you only need your phone to create videos in this course, we have put together extra gear you might want.
  • Some ideas you potentially have, like shooting at night, will require additional lighting!
  • We've found the most afforable extra pieces for you to add to your collection of gear - all vetted by us and our team.
  • Get the insider's guide to what you should grab and what you should leave behind.
  • Avoid mistakes and improve quality in your videos with this guide!

how to make eye catching lyric videos

for your music

  • Did you know that lyric videos are a THOUSAND times better than just releasing the song with the cover art on Youtube?
  • Lyric videos make audiences understand and connect with your words + music WAY more! This is key to fan building!
  • Lyric videos can also be used to drive extra traffic to your Spotify page if you cut off the song before the end.
  • This course will give you incredibly easy, step by step tutorials to create amazing lyric videos instantly.
  • Not only can you use this skillset to strengthen your releases, you can also make videos for others!

make 50k a year making videos for other artists

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  • Now, you know this is Smart Rapper. We're not just teaching you a skill, we're showing you how to use make money!
  • Knowing how to shoot and edit your own videos is a super valuable skill...So, start charging for your talents!
  • We already did ALL THE WORK FOR YOU with this.
  • This is an entrepreneurial crash course to launch your new side hustle as a video maker - trust me - your mind will be blown!
  • These days, every brand, artist, and company needs video content. That's a huge market you can profit from.
  • We give you the step by step business plan, moves to make, what to charge, how to negotiate, and more.

48 week guide to fame and success

make your dreams a reality!

  • This is a calendar guide of specific actions and moves to make week by week to continue building your clout.
  • Make more content, get paid, build a network, and gain recognition for your talents with this step by step guide.
  • Follow this Path and watch your success expand!
  • This calendar will give you tons of ideas and push you out of your comfort zone doing nothing to a packed schedule of career boosting activities.
  • Continue to Use all your abilities (social, creative, business) to push yourself ahead of the competition. This will show you how.

My connected method:

learn to grow and manage a massive network fast

  • DID YOU KNOW?! Networking can take you from a nobody to connected fast.
  • A bigger network means more opportunities, better people to work with, bigger deals, and a better experience in life.
  • Plus, the industry is very network based. You will get where you want to be faster with a large network of people you know.
  • But how do you meet people? I'll show you, plus - a super organized way to manage and use your network for you.
  • I purposefully created this for people who struggle socially at times and need direction on how to connect and maintain relationships as they work on their careers.
  • I even give you text/DM message templates to help you when you feel awkward or don't know what to say.
  • Stop letting your small network and feeling awkward stop y ou from making real connections in the business!

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💡 a little bit about me 🔦

My name is Rob Level.

If you want to know a little bit about me and how I have become an inspiration to millions of people, Click to see My Screwed Up True Story has over 800,000 Views On YouTube in just 4 weeks. 👉

I’m from South Side Chicago and you already know how it is there. By 5 years old my mom gave me up for adoption as my father died from brain tumors by the time I was 7.

The person who adopted me put me into foster homes by the time I was 8 years old.

I was placed in learning disability and behavior disorder school programs my entire education from 2nd grade on. 

I lived in homeless shelters after high school and… well it didn’t get any better from there.

But I took my curse and used all the anger inside it gave me to prove to everyone (including myself) that I could make this music dream happen even when everyone used to laugh at me for it and make me doubt myself


And here’s the thing that no one else will tell you:

With a little help from this Bundle Of Master Classes, you can do this yourself. 

Artists have been asking me how to do this Series for YEARS now.

I’m finally revealing the step-by-step, tried and true process I’ve identified as the best way to create a MUSIC VIDEO that will get you MILLIONS OF VIEWS in a very short amount of time.

These are secrets and techniques we’ve learned over time and experience. Sutton, my co-creator on this course, has appeared in many commercials, TV shows and movies (Girl on the Train, W/ Bob and David, Skechers Sneakers, Comedy Central Sketches) and also brought her knowledge from working on sets and as a director for many years.

🚀 this will start a whole new chapter for you 🚀

Use these skills to make easy cash shooting vids for other artists! we show you exactly how to do that!

Just $4,500 $497

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"I want what you have built. Help me build it for DJ's and Producers."
"Rob is one of the smartest guys I know."
Clinton Sparks (w/ Drake)
Grammy Winner | Multi Platinum Producer

Credits Include: Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Nas, 2 Chainz, Macklemore and the list goes on.
"I'm tryna build on some independent shit how much u charge for ya devices"
Da Honorable C Note (w/ Dr. Dre)
Multi Platinum Super Producer

Credits Include: Travis Scott, Future, Trippie Redd, ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, 2 Chainz, Migos, Lil Yachty, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane
"Any upcoming music artist needs to check out Rob Level and Smart Rapper."
Fatman Scoop (w/ Snoop Dogg)
Iconic Hip Hop Legend

Credits Include: Be Faithful (Put Your Hands Up) This still plays in the clubs to this day. You have 100% heard it before.

Associated Acts: Three 6 Mafia, Skrillex, Bone Thugs, Timbaland, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott
"I need help with the new age independent marketing. All these labels who want in but I don't want a labels help, I wanna do it myself."
Warren G (w/ Snoop Dogg)
West Coast Hip Hop Legend

Associated Acts: 2 Pac, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, Slick Rick, Mack 10, Memphis Bleek

Credits Include: Part Of Tha Dogg Pound And The Legendary Group 213 that Snoop Dogg is in.

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