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Here's Exactly What You're Getting

"The 200+ Best Hip-Hop Blogs Contact List (2020 Edition)"

This is an online resource you can instantly access with HUNDREDS of e-mails and contact information for Hip Hop blogs that are looking for new music like yours.

You simply copy the contact e-mail, paste it into the browser and BOOM you are ready to send your music.

It’s really that easy.


Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Music Blogs + Everything You Need To Know About Music PR: PR Firms Interviewed
($197 Value)

Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Music Blogs Bundle Cover

Most publicist and rap blogs interview other people, I decided to interview them. 

I interviewed Publicists (PR Companies) and Hip Hop Blogs to find out how getting posted onto major media sites and hip hop blogs actually works.

What makes a hip hop blog say “Yes” to posting your music?

What makes  them say “Hell No”?

The answers will surprise you and you’ll see exactly what you are doing wrong. This is the perfect BONUS to offer along side the list of contact information so you can avoid mistakes 99.9% of rappers are making when attempting to get media coverage.


Make Hip-Hop Blogs Think You're A Professional Level Promoter With This Special Tool
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You Get A FREE Download Of A Super Special Tool Entrepreneurs Use For Sales That I Sneakily Use For Music Marketing Instead. This Tool Will Allow You See If The Blogs Opened Your E-mails And Read Them.

The Tool Even Tells You How Many Times They Opened It, WHEN They Opened It And If They Clicked Your Link To Hear Your Music.

THIS IS ULTRA POWERFUL!!! Because You Can Adjust Your Follow Up E-mails Based On If They Opened It And If They Listened Or Not.

You Can Even See WHERE They Opened It From And What Device (Phone, Tablet, Computer) And Web Browser They Used! Look At The Screen Shot! 

Their computer location is hidden but their phone shows us they are in San Jose, CA! 

I didn’t know this tool existed for YEARS! And when I finally found out my mind was BLOWN. I felt stupid for not having had my hands on it. 

Thing was, it isn’t for music marketing. It is for sales, but I was smart enough to consider how powerful it would be for music marketing, and it couldn’t be more perfect. 99.9% of people never would even think to use this for music marketing! But… this is Smart Rapper!

The information of me even telling you WHAT this is… is worth AT LEAST $97!!! And guess what!? I show YOU how to get it and download it for FREE!

No, not a trial version. A FULLY WORKING version you can use forever 100% FREE. 

Thank Me Later. I love you too.


5 Email Templates & 20 Super Open Rate Email Titles To Send To Hip-Hop Blogs
($97 Value)

Most people aren’t familiar with what is considered ‘Copy Writing’… no… NOT Copyrighting like with songs. But ‘Copy Writing’ which is writing things in a way to persuade people to like you and get them to trust you.

This is a HUGE industry and every major company uses ‘Copy Writers’. Even I sometimes consider hiring people to help me make better ‘copy’. Professional copy writers make 100’s of thousands of dollars a year. More than doctors… that’s how important this is.

Don’t get confused though, all I am really saying is that it is a HUGE deal to understand how to word things so that the blogs will actually like you and want to post you. If you know exactly what to say then you can massively spike your chances of getting them to open the e-mail AND to read your entire e-mail AND to click your link after they read the e-mail. 

That’s why I have custom written 5 different variations of the perfect e-mail to send the blogs. All you have to do is copy and paste them and send them to the blogs.

If you were to send an e-mail to them without this, chances are you would be like 99% of the people in my Instagram DMs… I’d like to respond but what they DM’d me doesn’t intrigue me enough to make me care to respond or listen to their music.

You have to know WHAT to say to make someone CARE or they will just skip you and move onto the next person without even giving you a listen. That’s why this is CRUCIAL


How To Look Famous In 7 Steps (So Blogs Take You Seriously Even With No Fans)
($97 Value)

This is another bonus I added in last minute before launching all of this because I wanted to make sure blogs and playlist curators would take you seriously when you started sending them your music. 

This is a quick and easy 24 minute video where I explain every single detail of what to do to modify your profiles to look as if you are actually buzzing so your music is definitely worth a listen. Simply copying and doing what I show you in this program will massively increase the chances of someone posting you or adding you to a playlist. 

Another huge benefit to you is that everyone else will start taking you more seriously too, not just the blogs and playlist curators.

You will LOOK and FEEL more famous instantly after you do this. The confidence you will have will give you new heights of passion to WANT to promote your music and profile to more people. People who will actually see you are worth listening too.

But that’s not all.

I’m also giving you 4 FREE bonuses worth $488 as a special welcome gift…


You’re right …that’s a lot of tools to help you finally get your music heard by the right people. All without needing a marketing mentor to take time to show you everything or spending years trying to figure out what to do to build your marketing skills.

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Your marketing skills are one of your most important rap career assets because they are what make you ALL OF YOUR MONEY. They get people to click and stream your song which is what pays you! Which is why I believe this online course is one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a rapper.

Many rappers end up WASTING a small fortune trying to make their fan base bigger by buying expensive promotional packages they have to buy every single time they drop a single. They buy studio time or hiring a sound engineer to fix their weak sounding music hoping it will all lead to the fans coming in faster.

But once you learn how to actually sound like a true rapper when you rap… people stick to you 10 times easier, anytime you do any marketing, you’ll watch the people who see and hear you follow you like never before.

After going through my “Rap Flow Router” you’ll have everything you NEED to make your fan base grow… even if you are recording your music in your home studio.

It’s a game changer.


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Original Price $197.00

Rating Out Of Over 2,000 Rappers 9.8/10

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Original Price $197.00

Rating Out Of Over 2,000 Rappers 9.8/10

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Every Day You Don't Have This You Are Losing
Out On Possibly Blowing Up

Get Instant Access For 50% OFF!

Just $97.00

Original Price $197.00

Rating Out Of Over 2,000 Rappers 9.8/10

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