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Rating From 3,571 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

7 Seriously Major Benefits For You

  • Benefit #1: You Will Immediately Learn How To Build A Fanbase
    If you ask ANY professional music marketer what the key to building a fan base is, they will tell you "Set up your music and brand for success, then get as many eye balls on it as possible".

    It's really that simple. In this you will learn over 100 different ways to get people to listen to your music and start growing your fan base so you can actually make this a music career a "REAL THING".
  • Benefit #2: You Will Start Making Money From Your Music
    By More streams, views and fans means more money so you can start making a living from your music. Take the money you earn, put it back into your career and keep growing and growing until you are finally where you deserve to be.
  • Benefit #3: Increase In Speed Of Your Fan Base Growth (Followers And Hardcore Fans)
    The sooner you know how to market your music properly, the faster your career takes off. Not only do you learn and grow from these marketing strategies that took me years to learn and test for you, but your career advances literally 10 to 20 times faster than it would without it. You don't want to WAIT to build your fan base, do you?

    Of course not, you want this to happen FASTER so you can start being an artist and stop having to run the rat-race at a 9 to 5 I'm sure you hate going to. This will speed everything up. How wouldn't it?
  • Benefit #4: You Learn The Formula To DOUBLE Or Even TRIPLE Your Money
    Every Dollar You Spend On Music Marketing Goes Further. You'll spend less money yet gain more fans because you'll know WHAT to spend your money on. You'll figure out the exact ideas that work for YOUR CAREER the best and then you can put $1 in and make $2 back in fans and streams. Then take that $2, put it in and make $4 back. Then repeat.
  • Benefit #5: Your Confidence In Your Career Will Sky Rocket
    I know the biggest fear of being a music artist is that we are going to release music and no one is going to listen. We work so hard on our art and it hurts to feel that pain. You know if you could just get that music heard and you could watch those streams and views grow that you could really "FEEL" like this music thing is possible.

    All you need to know is how to market your music the right way, and that's what I am giving you the opportunity to learn right now.
  • Benefit #6: Save Money On Marketing And NEVER Hire A Promotion Company Again
    I show you FREE ways to low-budget and even mid-level budget ways to spend your music marketing dollars. You don't have to have BIG BUCKS to use these strategies. You can use the FREE strategies and marketing ideas while you are saving up money to do the bigger ones.
  • Benefit #7: No More Feeling Lost And Confused
    Right now, you probably don't know where to spend the money you have for marketing your music. You're scared to try certain ideas or things because you don't know what will work and what will. That slows your career down WAY MORE than you realize. With everything I give you today, you will never feel lost or confused because I show you what works and what doesn't. I spent 15 years of wasting my marketing money testing things so you don't have to.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

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Rating From 3,571 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

Over 100 Genius Music Marketing Music Marketing Ideas
($499 Value)

This Is The #1 Selling Music Marketing Master Series Online

This has helped nearly 4,000 artists like you grow their music careers.

It’s been rated 4.6 / 5 Stars by nearly 4,000 artists!

It’s number 1 because it is over 100 passionately delivered videos breaking down and helping you understand each marketing idea and strategy.

These are strategies on how to gain fans for FREE all the way to where to spend money to gain fans.

You simply choose your favorite music marketing strategies from the ones I show you, apply them and start gaining more fans every single day.

If you want to speed up your process to the top, THIS is how you are going to do it.

And I’m going to give it to you for 70% off right now, only to help you with your music marketing.

Rating From 3,571 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course

The Features You Get From This

  • Feature #1: The Little-Known Science Behind Why People ACTUALLY Become A FAn Of Someone. And It’s NOT Just Your Music… AT ALL! How many songs do you know and like but you don’t even know who performs the song? Exactly my point.
  • Feature #2: The Psychology Of The Human Mind And How To Design Your Funnel To Build Your fan base From The Ground Up
  • Feature #3: How To Gain Absolute MASTERY & CONTROL Over Your fan Base By Understanding How They Think
  • Feature #4: How To Know And Choose Your Ideal Marketing Strategies That Are Best For YOUR BRAND And MUSIC
  • Feature #5: Examples Of Fan Bases From Other HUGE Multi Billion Dollar Companies To Help
  • Feature #6: Further Your Understanding Of How To Build A Fan Base In Any Business
  • Feature #7: A Detailed Training On Getting Your New Fans To Want To Follow You Along With Examples And Demonstrations From Other Companies You Know
  • Feature #8: How To Become A Fan Magnet And Gain New Fans Everyday
  • FEATURE #9 The Fan Base Secrets To Making Sure People Want To Buy Your Music, Show Tickets And Everything Else You Ever Sell.
  • FEATURE #10 Secrets To Retaining A Fan So After You Gain Them, You Keep Their Love And Respect Forever!


How To Build A Fan Base In 15 Minutes A Day
($47 Value)

Even 15-20 New fans add up every single day so you need to be marketing every single day. 

Now that you’ll have a step by step guide on what to do every day, you will never go another day feeling like your music career didn’t move forward.

Artists who are always too busy to market themselves LOVE THIS step by step daily guide on what to do. Who can’t find 15 minutes in a day to market their music?

I mean, 15 minutes is 1% of your day. Even if you can’t find hours of time to market your music everyday, I give you a 15 minute perfect step by step do this then that guide to market your music every day in just 15 minutes.

I made this so even a lazy artist would do it. It’s that easy.


Insider Access To Major Record Labels Promotion Bundle Deals
($499 Value)

It’s hard to even put a price on this to be honest. It took years of work and networking to get inside the circle that gave me access to these deals.

You literally CANNOT get this from anyone else but me. I shouldn’t even be selling it but who tf is going to stop me? The major label A and R should have known I’d do this and give my audience access when he gave it to me haha

If you know what this is, then you’re probably like every other artist and your jaw is on the floor right now. THIS, is the list of Instagram and Tik Tok music marketing packages that major music industry labels BUY for their artists to sky rocket the exposure to new songs. 

We are talking about marketing budgets for HUGE Instagram campaigns from as small as $500 and reaching up to 7 MILLION Hip Hop Music Fans and up to $10,000 budgets where you will reach 114 MILLION Hip Hop Music fans. (I have the POP ARTISTS focused bundle deals too!)

These are bundled package deals these Instagram pages have together as a special network. So you give them your song and they all post whatever you tell them to post, like your new music video, and MILLIONS AND  MILLIONS of followers see it all at once giving you and your new song/video momentum you really can’t get anywhere else in the 2020s.

You don’t think that’ll get your next single off the ground? You’ll probably make that $500 low end package back in Spotify Streams if your song is good enough. Your Instagram followers will sky rocket and your Spotify Monthly listeners will jump to probably around 100,000 minimum.

Imagine you release your next song and for $500 you can get your music heard by nearly 7 MILLION PEOPLE. You can’t do that with Instagram, Facebook and YouTube ads, TRUST ME, I run them, it’s probably how you’re on this page.



Access To My Connect So You Can Actually GET The Bundle Deals

Just because you have the information for the bundles DOESN’T MEAN you have the access to them like the major labels do! Come on… if you could get those deals yourself you would be more inside the industry than I am haha. Even I have to have a guy (team of guys actually) that set up and make sure these deals are handled. 

They make sure you safely deal with these pages and because they already have relationships with these pages, they guarantee when you go to buy a package, it actually happens.


Insider Access To Major Record Labels Tik Tok Influencer List
($299 Value)

Not only do you get the access to the Instagram Bundle Deals Major Labels use for their artists, you get the entire list of all the major Tik Tok Influencers labels use to get songs to go viral.

This list contains DIRECT CONTACT information for all of the Tik Tok influencers. If you have the money, they will use your song and make Tik Toks with it. (For those of you who don’t make good music I’m sorry this might not be an option for you.)

You can also see all of the stats the labels are using to keep track of just how powerful each Tik Tok account is. It shows their:

1) Followers
2) Instagram 
3) Direct E-mail Contact
4) Price For Their Music Promo For Artists (Remember This Fluctuates Based On Their Growth)
5) Average Amount Of Likes Per Video They Post
6) Average Amount Of Views Per Video They Post
7) Most Importantly, Their Engagement Rate. (How many fans are actually reacting to their content being posted.)

Again, if you don’t have this when the time comes and you need it, you will be kicking yourself in the head.


My Personally Hand Picked Massive Influencer List
($97 Value)

For the last 2 years I have been collecting the Instagrams and Contact information for influencers across all industries. 

1) 217 Instagram Hip Hop Pages Prices AND Contact Info (Gossip, New Music, Hip Hop Memes, etc) 
The prices of these page posting you ranges from $5 up to $5,000. I hand picked these to run huge music marketing campaigns for when I release my new singles. I figured it doesn’t hurt to share these with you. What are the chances we pick the same pages on the same promo dates? I’m cool with it. 

2) Work Out / Fitness Pages And Contact Info
In case you have a song that is high energy and you can get them to post your song telling their followers to add it to their WORKOUT playlists. This is a smart marketing strategy I use because once you are on a workout playlist of someone, you are getting your music streamed all week + repeat plays while they are in the gym. You’re welcome! 🙂

3) Dance Influencer Pages And Contact Info
If you have a new song and want amazing dancers to do a custom unique dance to your song and then share it with their hundreds of thousands to millions of followers and get a dance contest going, this is the move. Plus once you have dancers make a video to your song, you can then use that video as the music video for your song. People love dance videos to music.

4) Meme Pages And Contact Info
Doing major meme campaigns around you and your new single is a HUGE HUGE and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED way to get your new song boomin. It’s actually how Lil Nas X got his Old Town Road song to go viral back when it released a few years ago. That’s just 1 example though. After learning how powerful meme campaigns are, I will always use them in my music marketing campaigns and you should too.

5) Make Up Artist (MUA) Pages
Because… well you never know if you’ll need pretty girls spreading your new smooth girl song to other females to get the fire started.

Heads up here to be super clear, honest and transparent. The biggest list I focused on putting together for myself was obviously the hip hop one. The other lists aren’t HUGE but they are definitely going to help you pack a punch with your marketing if you need them.

Rating From 3,571 Music Artists Who Have Taken This Course
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