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If you’re a rapper or singer and want to “shortcut” your way to having an amazing, quickly growing fan base that you can brag to friends and family about, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Re: How To “Shortcut” Your Way To A Star Ready Brand

From The Desk Of:
Rob Level
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Let me get straight to the point.

Have you been promoting your music and no one seems to be sticking as a fan? They may like the music, but they have to like the BRAND to follow you. You probably never realized that.

As a rapper or singer, your brand is your number one asset in growing a fan base in the fastest way possible.

You can spend a fortune on music promotion to get yourself seen and heard on SoundCloud, Spotify and everywhere else.

You can spend a fortune making incredible music by recording in the best studios in the world.

You can spend a fortune perfectly mixing and mastering all of your songs.

But none of that matters if your branding isn’t done properly.

Your Branding is…

“Your Key To Faster Success”

Here’s what I mean.

The only difference between YOU…and artists who are famous, getting on huge playlists and loved by everyone is because they got their branding right to actually gain fans when enough people hear them

There is a reason the FIRST thing that a record label does when they sign an artist is brand them.

Your branding is what gives your music the ability to gain a fan, but to gain YOU as a person a fan as well. Just because we like the music doesn’t mean we truly like the artist. That’s why there is music you know but you don’t know who made the song.

Think about that.

When someone is both a fan of your music AND your brand they aren’t just listening to your music, they want to follow you on social media and hear what YOU have to say.

You can’t stand out from the noisy crowd of less talented artists unless people can identify you with great music and a well put together brand.

Having an amazing brand is the fine line that will take your music from 100 fans to 100,000 fans

And it’s the one thing that CAN’T be fixed with a lot of money, expensive studios or world-class sound engineering.

If your brand sucks.

It sucks.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless, of course, you spend the $5,000 paying a branding consultation company to set it all up for you.


Let me ask you a question:

Do You Have An Extra 20 Minutes A Day To Dedicate To Setting Up Your Brand?

Because that’s all it really takes to learn how to set-up and maintain your own music branding strategy that will grow your fan base literally five times as fast.

I know the secret routines that the world’s Top Record Labels are starting to use to brand their artists every time they sign a new one. All so they can guarantee an ROI (Return On Investment) from their investment into the artist.

If it isn’t the most important thing, why is it the first thing they do to guarantee the artist’s success? They know doing this from the start guarantees maximum growth when they start promoting the artist. Basically, it turns their artists into a well-tuned “fan building machine“.

And I’ve analyzed and broken down how building a brand works into a simple, easy to set up process that anyone can set up and use. After it’s set up it only takes a few minutes a day set it up.

Once it’s finished, it’s done! Then you can start marketing your music and gain fans 10 times faster like a record label does.

I’ve decided it’s time to share all these insider secrets that are used in the music and entertainment industry…and, unless you’re a major artist, it’s hard to get access to this same information.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a master video series…

And share every single detail with you.

A lot of the stuff you’re about to learn is the exact reason why I’ve been able to blow up Smart Rapper and my own music brand so fast.

This stuff has taken Smart Rapper and my fan base to the next level and I know it’s going to do the same for YOU.

So, without any further ado…

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

"The Rapper Branding Accelerator:
Shortcuts To Finding Your Entire Brand Fast"

“The Rapper Branding Accelerator” is an online course with step-by-step training and practical exercises on how to set up the perfect brand for yourself in less than seven days.

And, it’s newbie friendly.

In this online course I literally take you by the hand and walk you through each step first-hand, explaining how branding works from a Major Record Label’s perspective. It’s how to set up your brand and understand how to work around the common branding issues where most people mess up. With the Branding Accelerator you won’t have to make those mistakes that will slow your fan base growth down.

This is the quick and dirty training to set up your music’s brand with tools to start driving new fans to your profile and make them stick.

You’re also getting a specialized list of the tools that will strengthen and build up your fan base even faster.

All you have to do is press “play” on the videos and follow along.

Even if you don’t watch the entire online course and all you do is spend the time setting up what I show you to, your fan base is going to start growing way faster.

This online master video series isn’t a bunch of fluff and filler but rather a “hands on” branding training with a ton of examples, demonstrations and detailed tutorials.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting:


You’re right…that’s a lot of proven and tested strategies and tools to help you build your Fan Base WAY faster without expensive branding companies or working for decades trying to learn how to do marketing music correctly.

And you can get it all for 75% OFF today.

Here's What To Do Next

If you’d like to grow your fan base with this simple method that was specifically designed for music artists like you, you’ll have to get my “Rapper Branding Accelerator” online master video series today.

The course usually sells for $97.

But until the end of today, you can get it for just $27 one-time.

The way I see it this online course won’t “cost” you anything though.

If you implement everything you learn and gain even 100 new fans that follow you, you make your $27 back in streams in the first month. Boom! It’s already paid for itself.

That doesn’t even include the fact that this will gain you new fans every single day after it’s set up. That means this makes you 10’s of thousands of dollars throughout your career.

Your branding strategy is your most important asset which is why I believe this online master video series is one of the best investments you’ll ever make as a rapper.

Many rappers end up WASTING a small fortune trying to get their music heard and then nobody ever sticks as a fan. They promote by buying “Music Promo” from sites that never seem to bring them any new fans or followers.

NEWS FLASH: It might NOT be the promo sites…It’s probably your branding. Especially if you are getting streams but no one is following you after they listen.

But once you’ve mastered your own music branding, you can make your money work 10 times better for you. Because people will actually stick to your brand.

After going through my “Branding Accelerator” you’ll have everything you NEED to grow your fan base faster…even if you are recording your music with a cheap mic in your home studio.

It’s a game changer.

Here's What Happens After That

As soon as you’ve signed up for my “Rapper Branding Accelerator” online course, you’ll get access to all the video trainings.

I’ve put everything on a secure member area for you.

You can comfortably access all the trainings from your computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other device. You can access the course 24/7 without any restrictions or limitations.

And don’t worry, it’s easy stuff and everything is delivered in small bite-sized chunks.

Everyday You Don't Have This Set-Up You Are Losing
Thousands of Potential New fans

Get Instant Access For 75% OFF!

Just $27

Original Price $97

Rating Out Of Over 300 Rappers 9.5/10

Now, as you can imagine, I’ll get a ton of interest from this, and that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully.

Time Is Of The Essence

As much as I’d like to give away my “Rapper Branding Accelerator” online course for 75% OFF forever, I simply don’t want to do that.

It took me years of trial and error and cost me a ton of money to learn all this stuff, and it’s worth a lot more than just $27.

Even giving it away for the $97 I usually charge feels a bit inappropriate given how much time and energy I invested to learn this stuff.

That being said, please understand the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

As soon as the countdown timer on this page hits zero, the cart will close.

And this insane 75% OFF discount will be gone!

Also, I’m not going to offer the course at its full price anytime soon.

The cart for this course is open until the end of today only and you won’t be able to get it on discount once the counter hits zero.

Now is the time to get my course, this deal won’t be available after the deadline.

Everyday You Don't Have This Set-Up You Are Losing
Thousands of Potential New fans

Get Instant Access For 75% OFF!

Just $27

Original Price $97

Rating Out Of Over 300 Rappers 9.5/10

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