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You’ve just made a wise investment in yourself by taking action on my Black Friday sale.

First things first, I want to congratulate you.

The programs you’re getting access to will positively change your life.

And since you now have them ALL, I’m excited to hear your results.

Do me a favor and message me once you have a successful story to share.

I can’t wait to read it.


Before you start your first lesson, this is important:

What Happens Next

In just a few minutes, you’ll receive specific instructions for what to do next.

As you go through the programs, here’s what will happen:

  1. You’ll learn a lot

  2. You’ll have more questions


The good news is I have a one-time upgrade that can provide massive value to you.


Let me ask you:

An Offer ONLY Beta Testers Get

So far we have only built the first 6 months of the rapper shortcut but guess what?


We are building months 7 – 12 now…. And it will also for $1997 full price. BUT because you are in the beta test group…


This is something SUPER SUPER special…


I am allowing you the chance… right now and only right now to be able to also be in the beta test group for months 7-12. 


This means you will learn everything you are learning the first 6 months and then after that, you learn the next 6 months! But you get to be our beta tester for that too when we launch it.


I need you to say yes anyways that’s why I am making it such a stupid ridiculous price. 

Rob, Why Would You Do This To Me?

Well… since The Rapper Shortcut unlocks week by week on a timed basis… People have to take everything from week 1 all the way to the end of month 6 before they can do month 7.



The people who are in THIS Rapper Shortcut Launch Beta Test Group will be the only people unlocked all the way up to month 7 to be able to try it.


This means YOU will be the only one able to be in month 7 and start month 7 when it happens. 


So you will be the first person ABLE to get the 7th through 12th month.


I need beta testers for those months or else I wouldn’t be giving away $10,000+ in stuff for only $97. Think about it.


So…. instead of the $1997 or making you pay $497 at the end of 6 months to join the 2nd half…


Would You Like To Be A Beta Tester For Months 7 Through 12 Too?

Keep hustlin,



P.S. If you want to pass up on this beta tester extension, I respect your decision. Just be aware that as of now, the only way to this special upgrade is this page.

And as me and my team spend months and months building months 7 through 12 I am going to personally value what I have created so much, I definitely will NOT give it away for only $97.

Since it will be worth another $10,000+ You’ll probably end up having to pay $497 or more to be in that Beta Tester group.

Basically you are investing $97.00 that is worth more than $10,000. Think about that.

But you are free to accept or refuse.

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